Anime images that sound nice

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>until you like it

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why the christmas hat we're like as far from christmas as you can get

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well you didn't waste any time

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Because sound threads coming back feels like christmas

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stolen from Yas Forums

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How do I extract the audio from the old embedded files?

I should have used a smaller image, I'm an idiot

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If you have original file name, get the url from the sound tag, decode it with an URL decoder, go to said url and download the mp3/ogg file

All these years later no one seems to know who made the art for this. The one without a hat edit anyway.

not a fan of using an external site
oh well

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How can she shred so well on an acoustic?

Awesome, little loud though luckily I switched to speakers after the second air rape.

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Managed to find a way using the old media player, by clicking save on it. I completely forgot that existed.

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