Why the fuck is he always angry?

Why the fuck is he always angry?

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He's a shonen mc

Because he has aggression problems and has had them for a long time.
I would say it was caused by watching many loved ones die before his eyes, but it seemed to be the case before that.

Not anymore.

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you should see him when he's calm

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The Breaker season 3 when?

He's a manlet in world full of massive chads. The chads bullied him and ate his mom. His manlet rage will not subside until he has killed all the chads.

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Didn't his hate sort of turn to pity once they learnt that the Nazis were making people into titans?

Don't understand how people cant empathise with characters who go through extreme trauma and don't come out the other side sunshine and roses. This isn't just about Eren, it's about any character who gets branded as "edgy" because they're acting closer to how someone might actually act if their entire family/loved ones/friends/city/life was destroyed by some entity out of the blue. Think about it from an actual human PoV, if it happened to a real person would you expect them to see life as all sunshine and roses?

Manlet rage

Because he lives in a shit village with a largely absent Dad and an adopted sister who filled him with sexual frustration at a young age. Then his friend Armin fed into his feelings of oppression and loss by filling his head with thoughts of them not being free. This is compounded by early childhood trauma of his adopted sister's kidnapping. Things escalate when he sees his Mother killed before his very eyes, reinforcing all the frustration he's felt. Then the military cultivated his frustration and aggression to use it as a weapon, while also placing huge responsibility on him without giving him any authority. They turned him into a puppet within a subsystem, in order to help them destroy the broader system of oppression. All of this enrages Eren. Then, he sees countless comrades die, feels incredibly extreme emotions at various points and is surrounded by leadership who neither trusts him, is mentally ill, or consumed by emotion. This has all made Eren a very angry person. When he encountered the past and future memories, it simultaneously justified his anger and transformed it into a cold deadly fury. That is how he's capable of genocide.

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There is just something magnificently attractive about a genocidal madman who announced coldly to the world that he shall trample it underfoot.

>actual high IQ post on Yas Forums
What a rare sight. Next time format it better though

>That is how he's capable of genocide.
Wait, you're telling me the people who are opposed to this and who wouldn't have done this in his stead are not just shitposting?

user..I..user. These people are serious. The moralfaggotry is so high it's almost incomprehensible. There are people who unironically support the cringe alliance. Most of them are from re**it or shitposting though. It's really sad. Within the confines of the survey, genocide is the only reasonable option for Eren.

Mom die

incel rage

He's Turkish.

He's volcel, surely Mikasa would let him fug her.

Why are you so retarded?

He's the eotena onslaught

Wow, a lot of that sounds like a certain Austrian.

Based post. Eren did nothing wrong.


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Because he was ignorant.

He did all of this for one woman's rage and another's love. His judgment is righteous and his fury is justified.

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Came to this thread for this answer.


He is over 6ft now, not a manlet anymore

There are many people unable to separate themselves from the story and accept its rules, they always compare the world of the story to the real world as if supporting a terrible but justified act in a fictional world means they support an equally terrible act in reality. Its endlessly frustrating.