Tower of God

TowerChads why is he so based?

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> Muh narutoshit

Because he is Blackpilled

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threadly reminder that the italian ESL is incapable of editing two sentences of a basic post

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>Rent free
Seethe somewhere else moeshit

So why did he stop climbing the tower? Just fear of his journey ending?

Also there were stars outside before Mazino entered the tower, now there are no stars outside so did Baam's revival cause the stars to disappear?

Is Wangnan a loser and will never become MC again?

This might be retarded but I like having ESL-kun around, ToG is not the same without him.

He got btfo by the 135th floor guardian and then got cucked.

He stopped climbing before he got cucked

Most likely he couldn't/ chose not to get past whatever was on the 135th floor.
He gained an OP sword, he'll kill Karaka with it.

There's no stars on the outside where Bam was because him and Rachel were in some kind of underground dungeon.

I picked this up and read up to Volume 2 chapter 70ish, where the shadow dude is beaten and Bam gets the needle of god or whatever. Does the story get any better cuz I got tired of the lack luster worldbuilding and I want to know if it is worth it to keep reading

Hell Train Arc is where all the real world building happens. You have to reach the end of Season 2 where the real hype shit happens.

Kings don't climb, they rule.

Not anime
Go back

guys i fucking love this Zahard spin-off

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There's nothing about Rachel not being from the surface

>lack luster worldbuilding
How can anyone say that TOG has lackluster world building?

>Does the story get any better
It's a gookshit webcomic, what do you think?

>Rent Free Moeshit

user read chapter blog
give more information about the lore
then now reread it
official translation is shit

The worldbuilding picks up after hell train, the workshop barely had any except the Gustang reveal.

Why do people keep shilling Unordinary in ToG threads? Korean comics are allowed on Yas Forums, but this one is not even Korean, it's drawn by some Mexican woman.

because zacucks identify with incels and the main character of unordinary is an incel.

It's one user who's obsessed with capeshit.

is a webtoon like ToG not a manwha but a webtoon and unordinary is fucking based

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>be cuckhard
>throw a fit because the chad V bagged your lady
>start a fight over it
>now all your decent subordinates (family leaders) hate your guts
>son of the Chad V is gonna kill you
>literally so obese you can’t move off your throne
>scared of upper floors because you’re a pussy who can’t take on a floor guardian

Is this the famous Tower of leddit?

Why was Jahad so obsessed with Arlene? Isn't Yeon Hana the hottest one out of all of them. I think he's actually gay like Khun and his boyfriend V got with some woman so he spawn killed her son.

>Rent Free Moeshit.

>Isn't Yeon Hana the hottest one out of all of them.
We don't know that and you don't necessarily love someone just because she is prettier. Zahard is clearly yandere for Arlene.

What kind of chad kills himself and begs his wife to go to Zahard?

>Korean comics are allowed on Yas Forums
Board is called anime & manga not anime & manga & gookshit comics.
They're not allowed and will never be.

>34 posts
>12 ips
You gookshills aren't very subtle.
Sage for viral advertisement. Enjoy your ban.

>So why did he stop climbing the tower? Just fear of his journey ending?
Nah, he was BTFO by the 135th floor guardian. And then probably said to himself "better to rule the Tower than getting killed". As he was already a massive douche by then, the decision was easy.

That could be seen as a massive perversion of what the Tower is for. Irregulars are supposed to climb the Tower, not stay and create a weird static society for their own continuation. That's why the theme of "change" is so prevalent in the latest arcs. Baam is restoring the Tower by making climbing it possible again.

It's basically MTGA: Make the Tower Great Again.

>Tower of God
Not anime or manga.
Threads should be created with substantial OP text containing a meaningful topic of discussion. Please refrain from posting catch-phrases.

>Rent Free
You moeshits really don't have anything better to do?

>he was BTFO by the 135th floor guardian
I missed this part I guess. I just know young Zahard wanted him to do the endless journey

u fucking idiot
V start the wat because Zahard cucked him by thake king position
he is a fucking piece of shit who want power

How much are you getting payed gook?