Do you like masks, user?

Do you like masks, user?

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Every time I see a girl in a mask, I immediately think of that urban legend of the girl with the slit-mouth.

Only if it's been written on.

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A lot

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>tfw breathing in a cotton mask

>surgical masks
Get this pathetic shit out of here

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Sure do

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>his glasses are off
ozawa takes masks seriously

>Surgical mask
Fucking diamonds

Official tier list:
surgical/face masks > oxygen masks > respirators > scuba masks > gas mask >>>>>>>>>>>> eye masks and other shit that doesn't cover mouth and nose (or both)

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Why do masked girls look so cute? It's almost they have nothing but eyes on their faces.

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Because mouth and nose is the ugliest part of the face

Absolutely true. A disposable medical mask turns any girl to a porn star.

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The recent days were very erotic

why yes I do user!

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If I take them off, will (you) die?

Will you miss mask fashion when corona ends? Will people finally adopt the behavior to wear them?

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Fine too

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>Без названия

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Now I do thanks to Gridman.

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they're fine

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I have bad breath so no.