Oshi no Ko

Oshi no Ko spoilers are out!

New manga by Akasaka Aka (Kaguya-sama) and Yokoyari Mengo (Kuzu no Honkai)

Story so far:

>Doctor is idolfag at OB/GYN clinic
>His idol comes in
>She's nine months pregnant
>Killed by another Idolfag because autism
>Is resurrected as one of the twin babies she just delivered

Let's see what happen in chapter 2

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Color page

>Exactly what kind of performer is this girl?

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Are you the same person who makes the Kanokari spoiler threads?

Thank god this is not genderbend

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Is this worth to read? I like Aka but the premise looks retarded to me.

First chapter was garbage, but Aka's name is enough to make people keep reading it.

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I'm following this because Yokoyari draws it.

>JB fans are now shilling this after their attempts to shill Cuckoo backfired and ended in failure

good, trannies btfo

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>Is this worth to read?
Not enough chapters to judge. I'm reading because the premise gave me a good laugh, and the first chapter made me curious on how the it will go.

So he remembers from day 0? How that works?

>Be idolfag
>Find out that your idol has been dicked down by P-san
>Be placed in charge of delivering her babies
>Actually no wait you're murdered by another idolfag lol
>And your reincarnation is her kid
How many layers of idolfag bullying is this?

Wait, he has the weird eyes too?
Those aren't contacts?

It's just artistic choice

I fucking pondered over how the fuck you're supposed to pronounce that for a few minutes, before I saw the reading. Aquamarine... 海 being read as "marine" is incredible.

And his sister is Ruby.
>mother can't tell her kids apart


It’s no surprise. Both he and his sister will have one eye with the star.

Mushoku Tensei ripoff.

Hopefully this goes full incest.

The child literally Miyuki and the girl just Kei with strong papagane genes lol

Both Twins have one each.

This really went the way of Soma

Kohisa Koume?

Some rough TL's
>When I woke up, i was in heaven
>This is me
>You aw~~e a good child, Aquamarin
>For the time being, they named me that terrible name
>MC name: Hoshino・Aquamarin
>And now, I reincarnated as a child of my Idol, Hoshino Ai
>If you ask me why or how this happened, it is hard to give an answer

>Ai will be a pretty bad mother
sfx: A~ha~ha
>But those managers are very kind to follow her, maybe they make her manageable somehow
>We dont have time to rehearsal
>lets go

No, that's his given name, all four of the kanji. His surname is Hoshino. So his name means "Aquamarine of the Stars."

It shouldn't be Aquamarine? Unless there's a pun I'm missing there.

>sfx: su~
>My boobs were about to be exposed in front of the president
>Be careful outside
>No, i cant!
>This child is dangerous!!
>Thank you, Ruby~!
>That is Aqua!

Yes, probably but in the end they name them Aqua and Ruby anyways.

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No, fucking.
That Ruby guy is gonna fuckin' love this.

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I forgot about this since I assumed they were stage names. 愛久愛海 is such an incredible name.

>Our Ai is--

>is truly an Idol(liar)
(tl note: the kanji is truly a liar, but I translated the small text besides)

>[I'm so grateful]
>This is a lie...
>That kid....
>...She lied....
>[the guy that killed me]

Star cataracts, the whole family is almost completely blind.

There are a number of ways 愛久 and 愛海 can be pronounced. I found a list and I think TL guy went with Aikyuu/Aiku(愛久) Marin(愛海 )

what sort of fucknut parent names their child aquamarine