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Some zero novel spoilers:

[Spoiler]>Shirou is not GInrou (my apologies to the retards who fell for that obvious red herring)
>His village was burned down and he was captured and taken to a concentration camp, this take place during WW2
>He is at the concentration camp with Natalia (young mayor Rose), where they are being subjected to experiments by humans (strange injections and sometimes mutilation)
>Ginrou shows up and saves them
>Shirou is pretty much death at this point but Ginrou brings him back
>Shirou's real name is Abyad/Abyaz[/Spoiler]

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Shirou is the whitest mooslim I ever did see.

I fucked up the spoilers

my apologies anons, I'll go commit sudoku now

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That's fine user, you warned before at least.
Thanks for posting a summary from the novel.

Maybe he is just Albino

Eh, the novel makes me sure this will be just 12 episodes. No reason not to include this stuff in the anime otherwise.

Yeah, could be. We will maybe see a short flashback of Shiro and the mayor's past in the anime. The novel probably exists to include what couldn't make it in the anime and to trim down the infodump.

Still wondering why they thought dropping half of the episodes on Netflix two months early was a good idea

Netflix shit policy

Maybe Netflix wanted to drop all of them but they just weren't ready? Dunno

Can't wait for that rushed ending and how the fuck are the two main Characters suppose to change society as a whole when they have barely interacted and there's only 6 episodes left. But I am sure that baseball episode was absolutely necessary and not something that could have been used to tell us about one of the main characters' past instead of dumping that info into a novel not everybody will read

You know, that user could be wrong and BNA is 2 cours. We don't know yet.

I am also hoping I am wrong user, but at this point it doesn't seem likely

If it will really be as rushed as you make it out to be, it's not something a single episode could fix and a fun standalone like 5 is certainly preferable.

>only 6 episodes
It's a good amount, if they don't waste time on side-characters or comedy episodes.

>if they don't waste time on side-characters or comedy episodes

But they already did both of these. Trigger shows with serious themes and only 12 episodes don't work well, just look at Kiznaiver

Thank you for being a retard and not knowing how to use spoilers

Is being able to bust out sick dekes a special skill of the wolf god avatar?

They already did both in the first half, now they don't have to do it in the last 6 eps.

Didn't they drop all episodes for that shitty new GitS?

Yes. Then they announced a season 2

Kiznaiver was bad because Mari Okada is a shit writer. Gridman managed to handle more mature themes in 12 episodes just fine.
That said, I really hope BNA is 2 cours. There are too many ideas to wrap up in just 6 more episodes.

>[Asenshi] Brand New Animal (BNA) - 04 [96F34352]
For anyone who missed it, better subs for episode 4 are out.

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What about episode 5 and 6?

At Asenshi's current rate, episode 6 might be done before the new episodes start dropping.

Horrible Subs can translate within 12 hours after the raw released

Yes, that's how speed subs tend to operate.

The weird experiments they did on him May have change his fur color.

>Shirou is not GInrou



The shows message will be that anyone can be ginrou

Why is ginrou so special? I mean it is just a wolf, but big. So a direwolf

>HorribleSubs can translate
>speed subs

HorribleSubs isn't a subbing group, they're sub rippers. They rip them from CR and Funimation streams, hence why they're out minutes after the episodes are put on those platforms.