Shingeki no Kyojin

>Even more Reiner and Annie tag team next chapter

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>underwhelming tag team
>no interaction
>no reunion
>isayama doesn't care about their relationship
>only liked by a coping RAcow who samefags with her shitty folder because Annie never gave a shit about Blorthole post-mortem


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Racism is too important to leave it to casuals

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Isayama has the virus.
It's all over.
God delivered us from the evil that would be the cringevengers winning.

>canonically cute
>nips love AA
>popular (8th)
>appears in a lot of merch

>canonically a faggot
>is a meme
>less popular than Chadmin
>no relevant normal ships, not even RH
>needs a dead who like Bort to be popular

>Isayama has the virus
That's what you get for doing that cringy avengers shit and not showing us PoV, you dirty jap.

I love Reiner!

Will Manlet and Annie ever have a talk?

We know, Annie

We know Bort

OP said Reiner, not daddy/Rod/Manlet/Nile you cow

It's mostly just Anniefags trying to avoid the Armin plague.

Annie only loves her father you fucking faggot shipnigger cunt

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How can Reiner even begin to compete with this?

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RA is kinda cute but I prefer glorious AM

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Her flour for a foundation still creeps me out.

Armin is shorter and chubbier so he might trigger her daddy issues more.

Hell no, Armong has a baby face

>I’m sorry about Patricia, Otto, Ed, and George. But please understand, I need to see my father again. Let bygones be bygones

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The vacant cold stare from Eren really adds to this

kys yuritrash

What a shitty son

I hope so.

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Her next one might be a bit better

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She already has the perfect son

Where's Jean?

But Zeke also cried after killing all of his new friends because it meant not fulfilling his goal. Does that mean that he'll forgive Zeke too?

>no reunion
I think it was pretty fitting for them the way it happened. A lot of shit has happened between them.

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Taking care of his little brother Eren Kirstein, who also mysteriously looks like Floch

Yeah, violence against Reiner sure is hilarious

>there is a boom of milfs giving birth to babies
>Eren's name rise up

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I don’t think He will forgive her, maybe understand why? I think levi and her a pretty similar they like to be violent. They also grew up in a similar way.

They're not going to interact, we're not going to hear Annie's daddy issues again

>everyone just assumes it's a boom due to Paradisans celebrating the Rumbling
>only a select few know the truth

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Not only we are going to get that but also Pieck sharing her stories with her dad, Magath being Gabi's dad and Yelena's problem with her father.

You're forgetting Mikasa Forster-Azumabito

>I forgive you Annie. You just poor lost girl. Help me save the world.

Remember not to hurt EH pedro's feelings, it gets triggered easily.

What does that have to do with anything? She was still responsible for the murder of many people close to him same as Zeke was yet Zeke doesn't get a pussy pass

Didn’t really mean it that way but okay. How did you expect their reunion to go down exactly? With her hugging and crying for him jumping into his bed?

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Her entire character is about her daddy issues, as long as she is onscreen we'll hear about them again.

Something more than nothing would have been nice. Not even from her but from Reiner, he even had a full on fight with Zeke over trying to get her back.

She already told Hitch (and us). There's no need to tell Manlet (and us) again and narratively it wouldn't make any sense either. If we're talking about daddy issues I'd rather have Zeke tell Manlet about Grisha and Ksaver, it would be funnier as well.

I don't give a fuck about EH but holy shit even when they don't post it you keep seething, why is that? It doesn't even affect AA so your fights doesn't even make any fucking sense

Levi is going to give up on violence.

Yikes Pedro

I don't think Annie will be involved in his decision though.
Hell they haven't even brought up Pieck handling Zeke the rocks in RtS, why would they bring up Annie killing his old squad?

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Not really, but I don't even get why are AAfags mad at EHfags

Yeah, i feel like it was rushed, they should have talked, it was like with CA she just went with them.