Kanojo mo Kanojo - Chapter 10

New chapter

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How bold of her.

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This is even more retarded than Aho Girl.

That's a good thing

What do they say about retardation and girls who are cute, again?

There really needs to be a voice of reason in this manga since everyone's an aho.

I dropped it when it is apparent they'll play the same jokes again and again.

this girl kek

They need a straight man, soon, everyone is too crazy

minase was a glasses dork?

Yeah, interesting flashback. Very curious why she even likes him so much.

Probably needs more fanservice. After all Mangaka-san and Aho Girl had a lot of those.

It will probably be elaborated on later. After all despite the fact that they're childhood friends we still know very little about their history.


Fuck the straight man.

Minase a homewrecker

I feel bad for her.


This has more cucking then Cuckoo so far