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Requesting Hinata spying on a boys' hot spring. With a full body ninja suit for camouflage.

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Requesting coloring


The outfit is original, so I'm thinking black shirt, pink skirt, and black stirrups. The phone probably red or white.

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Requesting Kaguya getting cucked by walking in on Shirogane and Fujiwara fucking, completely destroying Kaguya and having her fall down to the ground crying.

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Requesting Senkuu turned /tg/; just something like the refs (heavy leather coat, random green glowy flasks, giant collar or gas mask covering mouth etc. that kinda stuff)
Basically one of the outfits in the ref, just without the actual plague doctor mask.

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Requesting Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z wearing Towa's skintight outfit with emphasis on the underboob.

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Requesting Zenos playing Football with each other

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Requesting Karen Kujo posting on a brit Yas Forums thread. In one of two scenarios.
> Alice Cartelet walks in on her
> Both Karen and Alice are shit slinging with each other on Yas Forums without either of them knowing who the other is.

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She kinda looks like Tomori Nao.

>9 replies
>7 posters with 7 different requests
>1 poster with an anchor
>1 poster without request
off to a good start

Requesting any Yas Forums related girls (especially dumb, dorky, or clumsy ones) trying to give themselves haircuts while in quarantine, and fucking it up.

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Picked up.

Requesting Chifusa with bigger breasts trying on sexy lingerie in an underwear store.

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requesting a plump, busty Jinako dressed in a slutty version of Saber's outfit. A midriff, a short skirt, high heels and big earrings. Make her try to mimic Saber's hairstyle but the hair bun ends up like in the ref, because of her long hair

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Previous thread deliveries

Requesting Thin Mode Hikafune dressed in an apron, sweater and jeans looking at the viewer while leaning over and tying/untying the apron

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Requesting this panel from Dreaming of Utopia, but with this beast hunter from BNA as the one sitting in a chair with a smoke, complaining about how beastmen are worse than gooks, fags, otaku and chinks.
1: it's a sunset-lighting scene in this screencap, so in addition to factoring that in for the color of his clothes, just give him Brock's skintone to indicate he's under neutral lighting. Anime tan guy skin color.
2: He doesn't normally have shadows around his eyes.

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Requesting bloody and angry Ai and Rina fighting and beating the fuck out of each other

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Whey tho

Requesting Liliana Grandria from Infinite Dendrogram wearing a bikini version of her armor.

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/r/ing Hiasa being rescued before getting axed. Drawfags that've seen Babylon know what's being referenced. or just give her a full body picture with her mouth taped shut and maybe cuffed wrists and ankles.

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Requesting Maria and Matsurika from Maria Holic posed similarly to the photo in the same dresses with their panties showing through, with both holding hands and Maria giving the V sign. Have Matsurika on the left and Maria on the right.

Maria is also the blonde and a trap.

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Requesting Faye driving after committing armed robbery. Change the mask and other memorabilia in the car if you like.

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Requesting Michiru Kagemori training with a punching bag.

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Requesting the top left pic but with Android 18.

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Requesting Arte drawing something Pitz user requested/something Pitzfag would feasibly request while thinking to herself "what is a "mecha" the commissioner keeps talking about?"

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Requesting the top image but with Miss Shamour

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Requesting a butt view of Serena in the Pokemon anime wearing Ash's clothes from XY in a pose like the one below.


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i drew this

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Requesting color for Adiane from Gurren Lagann wearing Junketsu from Kill la Kill please

Ref: files.catbox.moe/vfhzjv.png

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Great work
> inb4 "Link to OR"

Requesting Goku as a Primal Saiyan, (a saiyan/ great ape hybrid based on the one seen during Goku's first SS3 transformation and a SS4 with full fur).

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