Have you gone on a pilgrimage for your favorite animu yet?

Have you gone on a pilgrimage for your favorite animu yet?

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how the fuck do you expect us neets to afford travel to the moon

The shocking thing about Japan is that it's exactly like an anime. There are many small details in anime that you don't really think about, and then you get to Japan and realize that it actually does look like anime, and you realize all the detail that were in anime that you didn't really think about, but then you see them in real life in Japan.

One of these days.

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Sure, but it's got none of the characters, music, or overly dramatic lighting that are the most important parts of anime.
It's normal country full of normal people.

I've gone to several anime-related places in Tokyo like Akihabara, does that count?

I went to the aquarium from the first season of yahari if that counts.

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Of course not, what kind of retard would think tha-

Kyoto's pretty nice, innit? Although if it came to actually living somewhere in Japan for a few years, I'd go for Osaka.

I went to the 7-11 convenience store that's three blocks away from my house to buy some Maruchan cup noodles and a hot dog after I watched that one scene of Chuunibyou where Yuuta and Rikka eat food from a convenience store below a bridge, but I doubt that counts.

I did, was kino.
Also this nigga gets it. The atmosphere of most anime is basically the atmosphere of Japan and the small things is what makes it.

I’m too scared to travel alone.


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Love Live (all four generations)
Digimon (doubles as Love Live Gen 3)

I'll make it one day. Idk whether it'll be a year, after I graduate, or when, but I'll make it eventually. And it'll be great

Are you gonna isekai yourself?

dumb zoomer

t. balding alcoholic

No joke, I wouldn't mind a dumb schooltrip-style vacation to Japan with some fellow Yas Forumsnons. Maybe not all on the same flight or hotels, but with a shared schedule or meet-ups you can participate in or opt out of and go your own way. Then we can stay up till late and talk about the girls we like!

I know it sounds reddit as fuck, but I'm just that desperate to meet new friends that share my interests lately.

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Yeah, went around a number of locations from that show. Drinking by the kamo in the evening was the best

Kill yourself.

Yeah I kind of feel the same way, I haven’t talked to any of my old friends in years so I feel too estranged to ask them. I know there used to be some trips for fujos but I’m not sure if those are a thing anymore.

I´ve been there, if you liked the anime you will love Cuenca, go for it user.

I hate travelling with other people, so no thanks.

You can go on a trip with me ;)

Are you from London perhaps?


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Rika-chama is waiting for me there...

Let's hope you don't end up getting chopped up on your trip there.

They're dying of Corona a bit too much for my taste over there, maybe next year.

I traveled around Japan for two weeks in october. My only specific anime plans were going to see Kyoani in Kyoto...but I obviously couldn't and I honestly did not want to see the burnt building. In order to make some money for the studio theaters in Kyoto were showing Kyoani movies as special events though so on the day I would have gone to the Kyoani shop I watched the Violet Evergarden movie and A Silent Voice in theaters instead. Went to the lookout point in Amanashi and a bunch of locations the Keions did during their field trip to Kyoto episode. It was cool rewatching that episode and being able to say "oh, I've been there."

In Tokyo I stayed in Akihabara as you do. Went to see the neighborhood they had based Saitama's appartment on in One Punch Man to get a picture. Got really drunk in a bar in Yokohama and the bartender put on a channel that played classic anime OPs on loop, I sang a few in front of the other people who stuck around passed official closing time.

I guess the brothel I went to that had lactating prostitutes could be traced back to the fetishes I got from Watching Seikon no Qwaser. It was a pretty swell trip. I'm glad I could do it before the chinks ruined the world but bummed it'll be years before I can probably go back.

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Hostels are a thing, you can travel japan and meet new people there

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