Why the fuck is he always angry?

Why the fuck is he always angry?

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>Why the fuck is he always angry?
Someone had to be the "Sasuke" of the story, might as well be him.

Because Hori isn't competent enough as a writer to give his personality any more depth.

why the fuck he can be more vegeta-like instead of blonde sasuke?

Does rage need a specific reason on this bitch of an earth?

That would be Shoto

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He is secretly the doom slayer, that's where Samuel Haden sent the doom slayer, Jus admit it he is just one angry boi. to angry to die.

He rages, rages against the dying of the light.

Gap moe. Does that really matter though? There's far more to him than just his anger.
>no depth
That is completely untrue, however.

Nah its rage, the primal sin of the 7 deadly sins,

>There's far more to him than just his anger.

No emotion actually needs a reason, I don't understand why anyone would think otherwise.

No strong father figure at home to beat his ass.

Also bit off topic my first post got dubbz boooi

Bakugo's personality is just garbage. We are supposed to believe he matures after getting his shit handed to him in every arc, but he still behaves like a nigger, because that's what the female audience loves about him

At least Kishimoto bothered to give Sasuke an excuse to make him an edgelord, plus he shows different emotions throughout the different arcs

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>There's far more to him than just his anger
No there isn't he's a rival character that's all he is and all he'll ever be.

His sense of duty and relentless search for improvement, the fact he grows and comes to treasure his teammates and even look up to them. I could go on.

Small dick syndrome


He grew up everyone telling him that he is an alpha male, a gift from the gods, thus he acted tough to play the part.
But when he got into U.A. and noticed that 1/3rd of the class is just as talented as he is, including the loser nerd he used to pick on, he continued to act tough to reclaim his top position. "If i act like i don't give a shit about any of them and don't need them, they will respect me"

Did you get all that from the one page in the remedial lesson? Because that’s the only hint of what you just described.


Wow, what a loser.

Napoleon syndrome although he ain't that short

Because he's not relevant for the plot whatsoever even if he tries as hard as he can

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For the 13 years old in their edgy phase who want to relate to a such characters. They will realize in a few years how absolutely shit this character (and BNHA) is.

Because the hottest character is also his mom.

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are you new to anime?

Because nobody beat the shit out of him in an inch of his life.

or with his heart to heart with Deku
or when he helps Kirishima out and points out his strengths when he is feeling down
or when he admits his flaws to Endeavor
or when the author literally throws it in your face because readers like you are too dense

Because almost everyone around him is shallow, fake, and deceitful. Bakugo at his core values honesty and sincerity, and hates fakeness, deceit, and shallowness. As a result, Bakugo hates cucku and everything he stands for.

PMS with no exit