One Piece

Some early spoilers are coming out.

In the meantime, post more Ulti.

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Is Luffy stronger than Hank Hill

there's no chapter this week, stop justifying your autistic 24/7 generals.
/ag/ when?

God She is so cute

Usopp is the vice captain. That is all.

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Law x Anana while Katakuri watches

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What killed the hype?

Jimbo shitpposting and lack of wano steaks

Black Leg Chadji has already added Black Maria to the harem

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Spoilers are out:

- Kanjuro is said to have never been to Onigashima
- King's dialogue in the scan-
King: Even if I summoned you all to gather, there are some of you who wouldn't heed my call.
King: Who's Who, Sasaki
Sasaki: Well that's true
King: All of you ex pirate captains are gunning for our "All Star" seats (note: text is cut off but I'm guessing he's saying something like this)
About King, he believes that Who's Who and Sasaki would not have come to the party in Onigashima if King himself had summoned them.
It is because both of them used to be captains of other pirates and they plannned to take the position of All-Stars (大看板) - Sandman

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>Linlin permanently becomes o-lin
>Strawhats and o-lin go to elbaf
>every giant seethes over linlin
>the starwhats have to fight their way out of a army of giants

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Kaido Crew are full of backstabbers
Jack is the only one loyal

Nine mountains, eight seas, there is nothing I cannot suck dry. Three Dick sucking Style Secret Skill: Billion-fold World Trichiliocum !!!

Best addition since Smoothie?

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>both of them used to be captains of other pirates
>Sasaki isn't part of Moria's old crew
>Who's Who isn't Gin


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Aren't the numbers stronger than the Tobbi Ropo?

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1. luffy
2. jinbe
3. sanji
4. franky
5. brook
6-9, who gives a fuck
10. zoro

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Flying Six

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>Hey junior were going to Jack's room to play some Yugioh
>with beer, rock CD's and everything
Wanna join in?

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Orochi-chan for Nakama ^^~

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How can Zorofags ever recover?

They can't, they are literally shitting themselves just like him

Post Nami in them instead.

LOL King hates Queen Funk
He wants him to be degraded

Zoro and Hawkins should have been friends.

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Where did Zoro shit himself ?

Zoro only like male feet

We already have leaks you faggot.
It's golden Week in Japan, meaning early leaks.

>implying Gin won't show up on Elbaf as Scopper Gaban's apprentice

He shat himself after jobbing to a nerfed Killer

Against Killer

Maybe you're right.

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>>Who's Who isn't Gin
Who said gin didn't take over the Don krieg fleet after krieg?

So Kanjuro got lost?

>there's no chapter this week
Actually there kinda is

Hawkins was killed tho

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The " growing " was used for Luffy and Kid Sanji too lol.

>Absalom of D Graveyard
>Ashura D Oji
>Arlong D Saw
>Basil D Magician Hawkins
>Buggy D (star) Clown
>Bartolomeo D Cannibal
>Go D Ussop
>Bepo D Polar Bear
>Bon Clay D Wild
>Bellamy D Hyena
>Brook D Soul King
>Karoo D Uck
>Caesar D Clown
>Gastino D Gangster
>Cedar D Pharmacist
>Capone D Gang Bege
>Camie D Fish
>Caven D Ish
>Chadros Brownbeer D Higelyges
>Croco D Ile
>Donquixote D Oflamingo
>D Jango
>Kai D O
>Edwar D Newgate
>Kyros D Nutcracker
>Eustass D Kid
>Foxy D Silver Fox
>Gold Ro D Ger
>Kiku D Faggot
>Derringer D Faggot
>Sanji D Faggot
>D octor Hiriluk
>Koushirou D Gorosei
>Thousan D Sunny
>Gin D Man-Demon
>Jimbei [preferred translation] of D Sea
>Monkey D. D. Ragon
>Ma D. Monk Urouge
>Vander D. Ecken
>Im D Mother of Luffy
>Wa D O'ichi Monji
>Kozukio D En
>Kuro D Hundred Plans
>Lor D of the Coast / Lord of D Coast
>Blackbeer D Teach / Blackbeer D Marshall
>Pan D A Man
>Pan D A Woman
>Pe D Ro
>Shanks D Royal / Shanks D Redhair
>X D Rake
Just how far does the shitpost by Oda go?

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Was that stuff about Kaido's son fake?

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