>How Megumin speaks Japanese

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Based Evafag friend.

explain this thread to me i am not smart

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it has just now dawned on me how much of a fucking wee*boo I am

This is a vital thread on an important topic.

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>explain this thread to me i am not smar
Megumin is a very polite girl who speaks in a posh manner.

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She has to be polite because she's poor.

Megumin is biologically and sexually a (young) woman, not a kid

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Megumin is a very polite girl!

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cute polite girl

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>we won't get season 3 this or next year because Corona

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Megumin should be classified as a national treasure of Japan.

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Dont lose hope brother season 3 will come one day, you just gotta believe.

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She already is desu.
One of those girls that will never go away.
Megumin will stand the test of time

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Is this canon?

It's about to be.

bros how the fuck did he do it???

Wait how old are these characters?

Kazuma is 17 and Megumin is 14

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She should by 15 by the last novel I think

It's more like
>we won't get another season

good morning

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That's really disappointing to know.
I recently finally started getting into these series, Im loving it so far

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Is it just me or is she getting plumper every new novel?
look at those hips

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Hopefully in a spinoff after the final volume.

How much effort would it take to talk the three of them into a harem?
I recokon Kazuma could do it, Aqua would just accept it after you convince Megumin and Darkness

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