New chapter (109).

As per request from the translator, threads will now be straight QC.

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And that's it, short chapter.

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Thank you, great job as always.

To everyone else, volume 9 was released at the same time as this chapter, you should definitely buy it, and once you're at it, you might as well get the previous 8 as well because apparently they're on sale now.

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Is it a bit later than usual? Dead thread.

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This makes me happy

>zero-kun from
zero-kun, from

>going to a new school for the first time.
starting at a new school.

>cherry flowers
cherry blossoms

Should the sfx in the last panel be like "gloomy"?

Also, I generally prefer to keep sfx in-panel when possible. It's not a big deal, but I think it reads more naturally and the author is clearly okay with covering part of the background with text here.

>watching it on tv is not enough?
Can't you just watch it on TV?
Sounds better to me.

>this pattern
This always sounds strange to me in English. Maybe try "usually, this leads to...!"

>cherry flowers

This part is also missing a redraw.

>it does sting a
that stings a

>so bad
The correct form is "badly", but it's misused so often that it's fine to have kids say it like this.

I think it would be best to make the connection between sakura viewing and sakura mochi clear by using the same terminology. So either use "cherry blossom mochi" here or change the other pages to use "sakura blossoms."

>eat together
eat them together

>food is more
the food is more

>what matters

If you want to finish things up before releasing, you can send it to me ahead of time too. I won't normally be able to catch threads this time of day.

Need to get vol 9 for the extra chapter. Yayoyayo sure is in for a surprise.

>either use "cherry blossom mochi" here or change the other pages to use "sakura blossoms."
"cherry blossom mochi" doesn't really work, because it uses the leaves, not the flowers. "Sakura blossoms" is redundant, though I'd be okay with just "sakura". But I feel like it's fairly clear one way or the other, so maybe we don't need to bother.

>If you want to finish things up before releasing, you can send it to me ahead of time too
Thing is, I want to keep a little more control over the translation, which is why I asked editor-kun to do it this way in the first place, I want to be able to keep an eye on the changes. In general, I believe QC should be more of a feedback loop than a final step in the process, which I think technically makes it QA, but one way or the other, I need my veto power.

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Waiting for the green light now.

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Forgot one.

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I think it's weird too, but that's what Googling "Sakura mochi" gave me. You're right about it just being "sakura", that was my mistake. We know what sakuramochi is and how it relates to flower viewing, but I think using the same term is needed to make the connection immediately apparent to people less-versed in Nip culture.

I agree that a QC pass that makes changes should go back to the translator and trickle down again. Especially for the "this sounds better" and "does this get the connotation right" stuff, it's important for it to be a discussion rather than one-sided edits. I don't like seeing things released with changes I didn't know about either, so I make sure not to release things without the TL's go-ahead.

my sisters and wives

This doesn't sound like he's surprised, maybe "I've seen this pattern before...!" ? Or even without "pattern".

If we're going that way, we could just use a proper note: "Sakuramochi - a type of rice cake adorned with a cherry leaf"

>This doesn't sound like he's surprised
The "Ah" part that comes before covers the surprise reaction.

Yeah, but then he goes "I'm all too familiar(...)", which sounds like that's something he knew all along, like it's not a sudden realization at all.

Ooh, will this be a best sister chapter?

Fuggin tsundere onii-chan.

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The twins reacting to things is my drug.

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what are they looking at?

A Switch game, if you can believe that.

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Maybe this works better, makes him sound more apprehensive.

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I don't like this either, the point is he only just realized there's a pattern. I think the best options were either

Shimaidon when?

"I've seen this pattern before" makes it sound like he doesn't know his own siblings very well.

Why? To me it sounds like he knows them well enough to have that kind of hunch.