Houkago Teibou Nisshi

Episode 4 does NOT air today. The whole show is moved back to one of the next season.
But we can still talk about it.

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Please respond.

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I can fun it myself.

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There's nothing to talk about tho

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See you, fish cowboy.



We could do weekly streams of Dogakobo anime in place of this show until it comes back.


>The whole show is moved back to one of the next season.
I thought it was only a week or two

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This is just inferior Tsuritama

Tsuritama would've been good if it wasn't for the stupid alien shit taking all the spotlight.
I want something that's actually about fishing rather than using fishing as a basic plot device thank you very much.

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Does anyone have a Hina version of this?

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jesus fucking christ, it was true

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They’ve already announced that they will air other Dogakobo shows during that time slot so looking like it’s getting delayed by at least a season

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What the fuck is that 3D slut?

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Hinata is lewd.

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There's a very small chance airing is resumed this season, according to some fag on Yas Forums.

>manga magazines have to do this to stay in business

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This Hina looks dead

Correct. She died in the last episode.

Have some respect for the dead, don't go posing her corpse!

>only show I'm actually watching this season other than Kaguya-sama s2
>postponed indefinitely

>The whole show is moved back to one of the next season.

Shit i wait for nothing

Mommy's here boys.

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fitting that the japanese have the best fishing hardware and the best fishing shows

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makes sense, fishing was essential for japan for a long time

>>manga magazines have to do this to stay in business
Nigga that's normal for seinen magazines, hell Weekly Playboy has manga in it (most famously Kinnikuman).

>tfw anime has ended

They cancelled my moe fishing simulator... The kikes will pay for releasing this fucking virus

>Remember what they took from you

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