References to western media in anime

No Jojo

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And bioshock

From Megazone 23 Part 1

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The best.

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Was he right?

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Choose D

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Remember that time where Kenny helped a magical girl save the world with the power of moe?

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I don't get it.

Read the filename retard

Can't blame you, you normally don't expect something like this.

WTF I hate best girl now

Pyscho-Pass makes several literary references:
Heart of Darkness
Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep?
Probably others I can't remember

Drake was worst girl anyways

>Unfocused Frog with no backbone
>"B-But MUH VISION" personified
>Slender business genius with beautiful legs and white teeth

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Well, no one was expecting it anyways.


I don’t get it

Pretty sure that almost every country had their own version of this.

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Vastly underrated OST too.

Top tier taste.

Damn this didn't age well

they are still making videos

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Trigger shit tends to have a lot of references to Western stuff

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Has Taxi Driver ever been referenced in anime?

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The opening of the first episode of Bubblegum Crisis was very much inspired by the opening to Streets of Fire (and also a little by Blade Runner but then again what isnt).

There was also this
That show had a ton of western references

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