but will she be WotY 2027?

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I want Jolyne to findom me

Jolyne needs to get blacked while I watch

She's not attractive and doesn't have any real development to make up for her lacking in the looks department.

this. fanart != series

by that logic, every JoHoe is shit
>inb4 "Yes."

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>Not attractive
>doesnt have character development
Weak bait

Fuck this is so hot

What makes Jolyne so hot is that she's a trashy slut canonically.

Those girls are perfect for my ideal relationship.

I would love to mating press her while you get me something to drink

No offense, but it wouldn't be with someone like you.

How will they handle this scene?

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It will be skipped and then DP apologists will say it was never a good scene and the show is better without it.

I'm a black bull

>the ideal of a woman from the 2000’s
>not attractive

I don't trust you

You just want to see my dick

>DP apologists

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Jolyne only deserves the best

And they would be right.

post Yas Forums jolyne fanart pls

I only have comfy chub Jolyne fanart

They kept the scene with the little girl showering,they have no reason to not keep this scene.

Go back to YouTube

shut the fuck up, secondary

Sure, continue to use cringe words

that is because Part 3 so far is the only part with 48 episodes
which also allowed them to expand on some fights
all other parts had less episodes which forced them to skip scenes

>comparing Satoshi Kon to literally who DP director

It's too bad because parts 4 and 5 could have really used the 48 episode treatment. I love the extra scenes added to Part 3, like Joseph and Polnareff going to the car dealership together. It adds so much charm and builds the relationship between characters.

why is eternal best JoJo gal dead?

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