My favorite anime is Naruto

>My favorite anime is Naruto
what type of person do you imagine ?

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That guy who Naruto ran to lectures at university

3rd worlder.


A master of the martial arts.

15 y.o Brazilian

An aspie or someone with the social skills of an aspie.

This. Either a south-east asian or south american.

That your brain development stopped around the age of ten

Someone who's more respectable than 95% of animefandom, especially Evafags, LoGHfags, Madokafags, KusoAnusfags, Othershonenfag. Likely a corporate lawyer, consultant or board member at a respectable company.

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Normalfag(non-derogative), or spic


I usually work with the following possibilities:
>someone who doesn't watch anime
>someone who used to watch anime, but doesn't really do it anymore and is nostalgic about that one show he liked in his teens
>someone who is an actual teenager
>someone whose brain has stopped developing in their teenage years
>someone who isn't a teenager, and their brain didn't stop developing prematurely, but they haven't reached a stage of development of an average teenager until much later age
>some third worlder whose genetics make it impossible for them to pass a stage of brain development of an average first world teenager
>someone who is baiting
>some AI that just randomly generated that answer

literally a normal person who doesn't browse reddit or Yas Forums.


Someone who isn't ashamed of showing genuinity. You'd be hard-pressed to find any faggot here who'd ever reveal what they like in real life, because they have a massive superiority complex. They just talk mad shit about everything smugly and dismiss others, while at most will ever admit to something being "eh, decently okay". They have this idea of things having to be deep and profound to be respectable, yet they can't describe what deep means. They're hesitant to refer to classical literature because it's too well known, which automatically discredits said literature in their eyes because how could something be deep if everyone gets it? That can't be what deep means, there has to be something else out there. So they cling to the idea that it exists, even though it doesn't, never comfortable revealing what they like because they feel like it puts them in a weak position. People are plebs and enjoy pleb things, and they're obviously better than that. But they can't find the kind of deep they're looking for, which is akin to admitting to yourself that you're really no better than your average pleb. Unconsciously this conflict eats at them from the inside, which results in a phenomenon familiar to many; they feel like they're better than everyone yet at the same time hate themselves. Such is the life of a pseud


good post


me 10 years ago

Someone who watched max 3 anime

I can't deny that your post is well thought out, there definitely are people who fall into that stereotype, but...
>So they cling to the idea that it exists, even though it doesn't
Who are you to decide such a thing? Don't put yourself on a pedestal as someone of higher intellectual authority than those people if you don't want to ruin that humble and genuine image of yourself. For all I know, there might just be a couple of individuals who did manage to find such diamond in the rough, and it's also possible that you will still call them pseuds and try to drag them down to your level.

born after 2000

normalfag especially considering im a brazilian, it's generally just people who don't actually watch or know much about anime, maybe they like naruto thinking about it as a cartoon, maybe they heard it was an anime later in life and want to be relatable. It's pretty uncommon for them to have watched anything from the past decade but even if they did it was all shounen. and I wouldn't blame them. Globo (our most popular tv broadcaster by a long shot) decided to replace the cartoon/anime program with a shitty feminist talk show. I wouldn't doubt it was an intentional choice for indoctrinating children considering how Globo has been working lately. I probably wouldn't watch it but I wonder if things would be different if they had kept it and broadcasted newer-ish shows, if normal people would be more into anime and such.

name your top 5 anime.

How nuruturds can compete?

Retarded shonenshit normalfaggot.

Based and truthpilled

Honestly, black. For some reason, black people hold Naruto higher than others.


t. brainlet who only ever observed other brainlets
You probably think people who call themselves deepfags while not having Haruhi in their top 5 are actually part of the deepfag core
God you're retarded.

A weeb just like (You) and me

Either a notably old or young weeb