Detective Conan

I thought Conan was supposed to be shit at singing?

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I know, I loved that too. Minami can't disguise her talent sometimes.

Have some more, OP.

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>there will never be a conan cover album where he sings every OP and ED
I'd buy however many sets that'd take.

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this is... a interesting Yas Forums thread

I dunno why they never thought of something like that as a novelty album.

I don't understand what's happening

Sounds are happening.


Can someone explain to me the whole 'PUT ON MASCARA', = Asaca and RUM, but actually they think it's Karasuma. So did Shogi's player dying message have nothing to do with RUM, and it was just a coincidence, that it fit?

Yusaku wouldnt fuck up

That's the early hunch when conan and akai realized that a glass could be cut in water. It could be a real dying message or a fake one, it still hasn't confirmed until now. The most popular theory right now is wakita=rum, rumi=asaka, kuroda=psb

Yusaku only involved in carasuma reveal, he's too OP

Alright thanks, there's so much new shit, plot points and characters to keep track of, that it's pretty tiresome to remember all of this info. Everyone is connected somehow, which complicates thing even more.

I don't remember Conan enough to know these scenes.

Someday, our boy will score

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I'd like if he got her. He was always the most tolerable DB and had the most potential back when he had character. I loved when she injured her foot and he helped her, and she told him it doesn't matter if Conan taught him how because he was able to retain the knowledge and put it to use.

I don't care about all this shipping, but I want more Conan and Haibara partnership, and more Ran when she's not Shinichi crazy.

Why would Conan date a killer?

Not him but same. Gosho even went to the length of having Haibara related to the Akais.

>it's pretty tiresome to remember all of this info
you could rely on dcw. or, just re-read the series for the hundredth time. I don't know, I love to reread this series so much, the experience of finding details in panels and dialogue were great.

I love reading the early parts, but Akai's family tree, Amuro's police connection, that girl with a bodyguard who likes Heiji. I just feel like some of this is unnecessary.

Amuro and Momiji are pretty bland.

for me RUM's arc is a huge infodump.

Amuro's hard to forget, because he gets shoved into everything.

Momiji is pretty forgettable, though. Literally the only thing I know about her is that she has fancy nails.

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I think she's the only one where it's a part of her character.

RUM himself is hardly being relevant at the moment, his arc consists of building up everyone else's stuff. I hope he pays off huge. The bourbon thing was so tiring but that also really didn't give us much anyway, I think RUM's actually given us way more.

Ran really needs some of her own stuff going on.
Haibara needs to stop being a babysitter for the DB, I get they're her cover but she needs more Heiji/Conan duo type stories. The fillers seem to be aware that can still happen.

>Kogoro being an alcoholic won't ever tie into the plot literally involving evil alcohol codename people

If she has to get with anyone it should be him but Gosho won't go for something so outlandish in a mainstream manga. It's also lost a lot of appeal ever since the beginning. He feels like an actual kid now and it's a cute pairing but taking it seriously feels harder to do.

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>this was the last episode we got before COVID

Good way to go out, though

Pretty good adaption, I worried it was going to drag on but it was paced well enough relative to the manga version. Also OP's clip is the first thing I've laughed at from modern Conan in awhile. I'm glad we were able to finish it before this hiatus stuff kicked in.

>instead of airing remasters they're just airing HD reruns
kinda lame, I was hoping they'd use this time to get around to some prime remasters I've been waiting for, never would have expected rerun hell would replace filler hell