ITT: edgy manga worth to read

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One Piece

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OP said worth to read


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my life journal

user... Op asked for something that's worth to read

Magical girl of the end.

>ITT, because of quarantine shounenkiddies discover their first seinen series

Goblin Slayer

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this is probably bait but Ichi is a shonen

that bait or you are just dumb


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Fucking retard

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this is not even edgy

Bump, I'm also interested

The World is Mine
It's about two terrorists and a giant bear simultaneously but separately causing mayhem all over Japan. The first volume is all over the place and doesn't really make sense until later on, from the second volume onwards it's nonstop wild ride.

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Ingoshima. Literally Filipino abo's raping Japanese women and terrorizing Japanese people in an island.

himenospia, at least the first 10 chapters

this, the first two or three chapters are worth reading. The rest is generic trash

Holy Land

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So.. it's not worth reading then

Sounds hot

have this shit on my must read list for 2 years now
no edge just kino

>have this shit on my must read list for 2 years now
If you're not hooked when the crew gets to the police department, I don't know man. Even with all the edge, it's seriously good stuff.

This one was dope, loves it

Dorohedoro is sort of edge.

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edgy is not just

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This shit rules.

I don't remember anything about this except it was pretty fun, maybe I'll read it again since I recall it being fairly short

Got this from last thread. It was great.

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