AOTD is Madoka!

>AOTD is Madoka!
>No retard, it's Violet Evergarden! Also check these repeating numbers!
>Bruh you normies AOTD is Steins;Gate... EDIT: Thanks for the gold kind stanger!
>But no guys it's MS Paint Adventures the anim... fuck I mean Ping Pong, Ping Pong is AOTD!

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Dint know why you're oosting arguments from reddit but I'm pretty sure we all agreed AOTD was Hyouge Mono.

>anime of the decade is whatever aired within the last year because we have the memory span of babies


At long last, someone with actual taste.

Yes. However
*sharts on you*

Both Boogiepop anime is infinitely inferior compared to the LN.

Madoka aired in 2011, retardbro.

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What does Madoka have to do with anime of the decade?

Madoka is original anime of the decade, but overall this decade is another victory for LNchads

Check this digits Kaguya

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>confirmed AOTD
sasuga kaichou

The correct answer in the very first reply, well done.


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Thread ended so fast...

People really got filtered by that one episode huh?

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Corona got this nigga arguing with himself! lmao

Sourcefags will always win, this is proven by the fact that animeonlyfags always beg for more background information like starving baggers.

lol nigger

I think I'd agree.
>tfw spent last summer in the garden reading the entire Overlord LN on my kindle.
It was heaven.

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Even though it's clearly contexualised and explained within the larger plot in an earlier episode. But noooooo. Homos bad.

There is no such thing as AOTD. You can only have a personal preference. S;G has many many flaws that but it is rather enjoyable and the payoff is immense.
But S;G will age badly, very badly. Modern audience isn't very forgiving when it comes to slow pacing.
In a few more years AOTD will be MiA.

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My friends are exactly like that. They are constantly complaining about the fact that their favourite anime never got a second season and how sad they are that they will never know how it ends ...

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>You can only have a personal preference
Just because you're a nigger incapable of critical thinking doesn't mean everyone else is. There are objective, quantifiable values that measure how good a work of art is and anyone with a brain can discern and compare them. Madoka is objectively the best anime ever made simply because it does X, Y, Z better than any other show - where X, Y, Z is literally every aspect of an animated tv series to which you can apply the concept of quality. If some other show did it better, it would've been the best instead.

Madoka is a masterpiece but you need to watch more anime

>Just because you're a nigger incapable of critical thinking
If you think that it is possible to objectively judge art you are fucking stupid. I love Madoka and it's my personal favourite especially because of Rebellion.
But every human mind works differently and hence we experience everything differently. Meaning that p1(x,y,z) =/= p2(x,y,Z).

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Opinion discarded

who are you quoting????

This whole thread

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>This whole thread

And that's a bad thing

What would happen if you kissed Boogiepop? Would he switch back to Touka?

that thread was fucking cancer

It's always the same faggot making these S;G threads and then samefagging in the replies