Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai? S2

Preview images episode 04

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Try not to post shit in the OP next time.

is that the girl from the Firis Girls Academy?

Which chapters this week?

Kaguya is dumb. And her scheming is dumb. And her VA is overacting. And basically it's all dumb. Fujiyama is nice and her tits are nice too.

>muh shitty girl that ""everyone"" hates so I'll hate her too
She is a character in the story who fulfills her role.
Sadly for you, but fortunately for the story.


Imagine being this gay.

No. You're dumb user

why you hate

The best girl.

Why four screens? Are they cramming four chapters into one episode again?

58, 61 and 65

I'd throw Miko around like a chew-toy

My gf.

How does her hair work?

"natural born traitor" soon

God, imagine luring IIno into your candy van and locking the door while telling her that there is no candy, only for her to slightly blush going "well, I guess it can't be helped". How crazy would that be haha wouldn't that be terrible haha

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>they cut the chapters about prez eyes
Man, I wish, one day, in the future, they release a Kaguya-sama Lost Chapters specials or something.

>they cut
what if they moved that chapter

It was about how he could sleep well now that he's not president anymore but as soon as preparation for the elections started he reverted back to being tired. So doing it during or after the election doesn't make sense.

She cute

Well, they can always do a "(insert time here) ago" episode

>no True Love and Kashiwagi outing herself as a slut

New kitty for the StuCo soon

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She's a rabbid dog.

I love Lino!

Was wondering will we see this animated on this season.

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Yes. If you are an asshole piece of shit, she will be a hell dog who will hunt you

I love this chapter. Sadly it’s after phone arc so it’s unlikely.

Who’s this semen demon? I’m anime only

Best girl.

I don't know. We haven't seen her in the manga yet.

A nightclub whore. The easiest girl after Kashiwagi.

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