Yas Forums in 2020

we're 1/3 of the year
what are some noteworthy things that happened in the last 4 months??

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literally nothing, i only shitpost on Yas Forums because you faggots are so fucking boring

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Everything getting fucking delayed.

monster prostitutes

It's starts with a c


Some voice actor deaths
That 'season 2 never' log horizon thread
Ishuzoku reviewers existence
The OC posting last week that I shall call Twintail Nuclear Event
(Not 100% sure this was this year but)
Anno exposing Ganaix

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I agree, all I see are coomer threads every fucking day.

no one's paying you to stay here.

>what are some noteworthy things that happened in the last 4 months??
Anime industry will 100% rethink their ways of the production after this delay fiesta.

I can only say that apparently I am now completely out of touch with Yas Forums.
Damn it. It's my only home too.

Ao no Flag ending

no no I meant cancer like you

Bokubenis got multiple routes ending.

you couldn't pay me enough to stay here

I miss 2019 can I go back

You mean Ao no Fag ending

how did a relatively unknown manga spawned so much discussion? i think only Yas Forums discuss this shit.
is this the power of based ending?

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I'm banking on the end of DomeKano to be big
Also pic related

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the rise

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Yas Forums is the place for BASED memes after all

Yas Forums being confirmed overrun with crossboards and officially declared dead.

it was declared dead in 2009 and again in 2016
how can we ever have proper anime discussion in this current age?

ban all generals
>b-but they're already banned!
count all the shounen threads on the catalog

Get recluded in the few decent threads that are left.
Pray so the series you like isn't one of the series that can have a single thread without unleashing a shitstorm.
I have to say Yas Forums has improved slightly since the confinement, I wonder why.

It's the opposite. The more people retreat into their generals, the less cohesive Yas Forums as a whole becomes. It's the prisoners' dilemma. What is best for you is the worst for the board.
I'm not saying you mustn't do it. Frankly I do it too. You just cannot expect any actual salvation for the board from this choice.

I can't expect salvation for the board at all, I would have left already if there was a half-decent and a little fast imageboard out there. And I think it's a generational thing so nothing can be done about it.

Unfortunately you can only discuss unadapted manga these days since crossborders are always anime only

Kubo's resurgence

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u wish

Yas Forums is dead as long newfags dont bother to lurk anymore