What did Yas Forums think of Urusei Yatsura?

What did Yas Forums think of Urusei Yatsura?

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they don't think at all given how no one is responding

It's one of those shows anons SAY they've watched but not that many actually have because it's old and long.

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It has a breddy gud Italian OP.

I read all of Ranma in high school since it was all in my public library, but UY is forever in my backlog (probably because I can never pronounce it right)

About 3 people made threads about it before the BDs got released. Then it became about 10 people. Then "vaporwave" came about with people googling "old anime girl gif" and slapping it on their videos and it made about 50 people watch an episode or two before giving up. Then multiply those numbers and it's about the same outside of Yas Forums.

Not that clinging to a show is of any value or anything. It's just sad and quite ironic to see people say they enjoy the "aesthetic" but when it comes to actually watching it they can't and instead just have folders filled with reaction images and gifs.

That's like all nostalgiafags

I liked the mango

do they fuck?

I remember when I first came here and my immese disappointment that no one ever disscussed this show and I couldn't get a thread going. I had thought Yas Forums was supposed to be elite.
Then the BDs came out and soon after the shitposting was so much I realized wishing something was discussed on Yas Forums is a real monkey paw wish. Those first threads when the BDs got released were real refreshing though.

I love Lum when she is tiny!

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I'm two episodes away from the completion
The last season really has too many episodes that simply has characters repeating their gag routine. It's like Ranma anime original tier bad.
But I liked it overall. The cast is honestly funnier and more endearing than Ranma's.

190 was one of my favorite episodes

I'm pretty sure it spiked in popularity here when that one guy ran an Yas Forums stream for the whole series.

It's great, signore

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it's actually easy to keep track of all of these since they all have the same [sound= filename, you can just look it up in the archive and track them all down

I'm at episode 134 currently. Watching one or two episodes per day. It is getting a bit stale to be honest. My favorite character is definitely Rin.

What the fuck? This happened?

Try not to judge the series on it's entire runtime. This came out in an day where anime didn't fully understand what it was.

Also make sure you're watching the movies. You should've seen the first three by now.

cute allergies

Lum was my first waifu. I was obsessed with all of Takahashi's stuff through my teens. Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2, and Maison Ikkoku are absolute classics. Her lesser-known shorter manga are excellent as well.

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I think you've gone through the worst part (aside from some cheap episodes right before the ending). For a while the show was going back and adapting stories skipped during Oshii's run, which means no new character introductions or anything besides random one shots, but by the point you are they've already started introducing new characters.

You're also close to some rather crazy episodes.

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My favorite animated japanese comedy. It's a classic and its influence is inmense just like other japanese classics (HnK, Ashita no Joe, Doraemon, to name a few).
The characters are incredible and their interactions is one of the greatest aspects of the show, it always results in funny shenanigans, or in some cases, really emotional and deep moments.
The setting is also great, a nice mix of everyday life with something fantastic that gives the whole thing a spin (representated usually by Lum).
Ataru is the man.

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>Ataru is the man.
Mendou was the best male character, user. He was a more genuine, honest version of Ataru.

>He was a more genuine, honest version of Ataru
Mendou was just like Ataru, but the fact he was handsome and had his status of a rich boy helped him keep an appearance. The difference between those two was that Ataru had a more kind soul, for example when he tried to protect the fairy from Mendou and the rest of the Lum Stormtroopers.
The interactions between Ataru and Mendou are great, especially when Ataru outsmarts him and that results in Mendou getting in trouble.

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Reading the manga is aways the superior choice, things like ranma and urusei are too much episodes for not enough things happening for justify the quantity of episodes.


He is just a bit of an idiot, but he always has Lum there to scream at him, Darling you are an idiot!

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I watched the first couple of seasons and it was good. It's in my backlog. I like it a bit better than Ranma because the relationship is allowed to progress.

Overrated shit

Moroboshi is a super CHAD

based dubs.