How to defeat walpurgisnacht?

How to defeat walpurgisnacht?

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u gib pusi

become meguca

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Exhange sexual favors with military personnel to access nukes

have sex with it

Take the BBC

put your dick in it

Read Chapter 10 of Arc 1 Magia Record


Why didn't homu just nuke it?

By being anti-semite

Why not just avoid it and leave town?

Mitakihara would be destroyed.
Madoka wouldn't agree.

Just drug her and take her out of town with her entire family

Push Madoka too hard and she makes a wish.

> When the doll's usual upside-down position reaches the top part of the witch, she completely roils the civilization on the ground in a flash through her gale-like flight.

So Wallburger destroys the world if left unchecked?

Only heterosexuals can beat Walmart night.

You can't.

Have you tried lesbian seduction? Nothing else worked.

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Just get a few more megucas, no reason to try alone.
Well, unless you don't have any friends.

That's Madokawitch, not Wallburger

Iroha not dumb, faggot.

With the cock

If you're a rich man, buy shaft inc. You could choose the president and discuss "the prestige of the shaft cannon" with director $hinbo. If he has not obeyed your keikaku, you know how it is.

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*Brazilian night

Fuse the timeline with another one where Walpurgisnacht is defeated.

Madokami > Walpurgisnacht (ep 12 of the TV show)
Walpurgisnacht > Homura (all of the TV show)
So Madokami > Homura
Yet somehow Homura > Madokami in Rebellion wtf happened?