Eat the goddamn tail or else

Eat the goddamn tail or else...

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God i want to eat your tail Toru. But i can't. Cause you're not real

No one is gonna eat your poisonous tail, you lesbian lizard.

Not even if it's sweet and creamy?

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Is this Yas Forums's Andy Sixx?

I like this one better.

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I don't watch or read Kobayashi. Why'd Toru cook her tail? Wouldn't Kobayashi not want her to hurt herself? Kobayashi is the small lady with the glasses right?


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She's a lizard so her tail detaches and grows back easily.

Welp, time to burn her tail off..

It’s a good meal and yes, Kobayashi is the tiny oink haired gal with the glasses.

Is this normal behavior for dragons?

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It's normal for Cool dragons.


The dragons in this show are not cool, they are fat.

Why are these dragons so fat?

Am I the only one who thinks Tohru's tail is gross?

Why does she want Kobayashi to eat it anyway?

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Or else what?

To increase her DP

How can one fat chorogon be this cute

it makes her gay

I'd rather not unleash Covid-20, thank you very much.

Dragons are immune to all disease

Kobayashi is my wife

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It's a metaphor for sex.

Then why is she a homo?

That's not a disease

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Kobayashi looks pretty sick of it.

What about in this one?

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She secretly likes it

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Maybe I'm a loser for thinking this, but I actually hate chapters like this. I want the manga to just be a cute and wholesome slice of life story, but every few chapters we get shit like Iruru Mating Season thrown onto the plate. Wish the manga tickled my heart instead of my dick.

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The manga has gone to shit recently, COOL can't keep himself under control and the characters have to suffer for it. I'm glad the anime won't be ruined by him too

n. A condition or tendency, as of society, regarded as abnormal and harmful.

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