Who is objectively the best Magical Girl mascot?

Who is objectively the best Magical Girl mascot?

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Ruby from Prillya or Keroberos from CCS

War angle kurumi

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The dog's the best mascot.

She became pretty cute, after her character was fixed...

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Luna because she had a fuckable human form. though a cat was fine too

Ahem, fuck Humanigger surfers, and fuck Sea Devils

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I wish Kurumi would fix me too...

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This teddy bear set a miracle in Japanese toy sales

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came here to post this

>Creates an evil organization that might take over the world
>Creates 2 different magical girl teams
>All so he can record hardcore fetish yuri AVs
Simply the best

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Did nothing wrong.

More like war CRIMINAL

Egg-kun, the suicide prevention mascot

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Gyuuki is FAT

Coob makes a cute onahole.

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Does this count?

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Someone else remembers Brave Beats?

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Everyone in this thread deserves a smack for not posting this earlier

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You deserve one for not reading the thread.

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In the history of animation, no Magical Girl mascot is more popular than Mofurun



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