Spoilers soon

Spoilers soon.

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I can't believe they finally got off the boat

now for them to leave Osaka namek

There are people IN THIS THREAD who still believe Kano was assassinated by the SSO.
Protip: Remember the cat in episode 3. Adler ordered the assassination.

It’s good

>he doesn't know

I knew this show was based when Kotaro actually slept with Sonya. Vampire lolis are simply the best.

>Frank jobbing again

>all these faggots mad that the bitch lost

that bitch deserved to lose there was literally nothing redeemable about her

He's going to get them next time! I mean, what's the point of him still being in the show if he doesn't?

>still thinking did it in her loli form
Come in user, it was explained that she goes full milf when she get aroused.

I can't believe Valten died like a bitch due to some ratboy. Shit anticlimax fight.

Fuck you, Frank is based
>Opened the gate
>Stole the codes
>Managed to divert Gozaburo's attention
>Made a fool out of two (2) of the Saints

But oooh nooo, just because he couldn't beat Emonzaemons bullshit powers he is a jobber.

>Takeru lost to Azj’jshinkveimororo

Sonya a shit. Hina best gril.

>Managed to divert Gozaburo's attention
Sonya could have dealt with Gozaburo on her own, the entire diversion was pointless.

I'm telling you, Gozaburo is the hidden boss. He's way stronger than what he's shown this far.

Don't be a fag, just call him Az

Cope, Franktard. The only reason he gets to do anything is because he’s the director’s self-insert, he’s a useless shit otherwise. Next episode will feature some bullshit scene of Hina gushing about how he actually saved them all despite jobbing hard, mark my words.

>this is the mind of your average Frankfag

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Holy shit, is this real? Frankfags are mentally ill.

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How much of a faggot do you have to be to like Fred? This is the third time he jobbed in this arc alone.

>set up Neohumanity as a layered complex process lead by Ukko and his cultist scientists
>build it up for years and have half of the main cast die to prevent it
>it happens anyway
>all it literally did was give all of humanity a third arm instead of a chin
Did I just not get it because what the fuck

>FrAnK hAs A sUbStAnTiAL cHaRAcTeR ArC iN tHe 3rD sEaSoN aFtEr tHe FiGhT WiTh DaRiAbE wHeR HiM aNd HiMe hAvE tHaT fiFtEeN MiNuTe CaFe ExPLaNaTiOn dUmP sCeNe

Yeah okay Franktard

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Yas Forumsnons...
It's been about 17 months without a chapter, do you think Tokumeino is dead?
Is he doing any interviews?
Also FUCK anime-only fags

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Reminder that we have

>Over 400 chapters
>An on-going anime, 2 OVAs, and a movie in production
>A prequel manga
>Several Drama CDs

And Aki STILL hasn't had a single fight that hasn't been interrupted before he gets serious.

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Think it's really stupid the anime took a different route and removed Pinchello from ever existing. Literally the only good thing this shit had going for it and they don't even put him in there.

>Two years later and Masamunefags are still mad that Frank beat the shit out of their pathetic non-character

>blue learning ultraviolet vision
>blue training with dragon steel training weights
>blue training to increase the time limit of his diamond skin ability
>blue proclaiming he will avenge skyla
>ojo getting all kinds of death flags
>the barrier is directly connected to ojo’s life force so it won’t go down unless he does it willingly or dies
>there are people who still don’t think blue will fight ojo and win and will likely end up killing him

Why is this general allowed?

FrankCHADS living rent free in Azcucks' minds.

Most of the fags who complain about muh Frank are probably animeonlys that will get filtered HARD next week anyways when we hit the kingdom of ravar arc.

the manga was better