It deserves more attention from the community

>made by actual Yas Forums chads
>great routes with a magnificent yet real story
>great art
>dialogue flow is one of the best in VN genres
Yet didn't get popular like shit tier VN like DDLC ???

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>it deserves more attention from the community
How about no, and fuck off.

>'Katawa Shoujo general #3215'
>(You): " it deserves more attention from the community"

Normies will never know the love we had for what was made. Fuck them. They do not deserve these feels.

Why man ??

>Yet didn't get popular like shit tier VN like DDLC
pretty sure it was made at a time where it got saved from that
say like it would have gotten released today I could see it getting the same sort of attentions, seeing it was huge on both Yas Forums and Yas Forums at that time where Yas Forums was relatively unknown for most of the internet still

Fuck yeah

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>babby's first VN isn't popular enough

To be honest
DDLC got popular because many big YouTube channels like pewdiepie, markiplier, jackspeticeye you name it did reaction video so it got popular and the memes too

It really was pretty damn good for a VN made by the same community behind Yas Forums, Yas Forums, and Yas Forums.

Man you say fuck off
Without even explaining anything
How do you want me to respond to you ???

It was absolutely generic Renpy Visual Novel.

The only value it had was the fact that it was made by Yas Forums that dealt with the idea of disorders and disfigurement respectfully - much to everyone's surprise
But that's about it.

You can find much better VNs on steam easily

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get out ks devs

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It kinda was though.

But it was made from nothing
And that's what's make her better than the most VN out there

I like that

It was overly popular a decade ago when it actually came out.

Those communities don't exist anymore
>t. Fansubber from waaaaay back when

I'll give it attention when the cancer general is gone.

I didn't understand what you mean ??

The hell you mean it was made from nothing?
It was made through the use of a freeware and used blurred pictures for backgrounds

Only the art and music are original and it only took them 7 years to release a completely generic game. Yeah no, it isn't better than most at all. It's just among those that are neither good nor bad, just forgettable.

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But not that much popular

He meant the thread on /vg/ that is still going on. Thousands of threads ago

Not Yas Forums related.
>b-but it was made by Yas Forums
A fucking decade ago. Go back to /vg/ you shitter.

Man I don't mean it's made of nothing literally
I mean from a few pages in a oneshot
We got a great VN

Now I understand
Thank you

The fuck kind of reasoning was that?
>I was inspired by this character arts thus we made a vn out of it using stories that we have seen on other films and TV novellas. And that makes it special

You're embarrassing yourself, mate

Understood fellow shitter

>they lost count twice

Not embarrassment
It's the truth and actually a kind of creativity "genius" to fo that

It would definitely have been extremely memed if it came out in this current age of steam and streaming. And Yas Forums would hate it.

Hhh you have a point there mate

Yas Forums already got mad as fuck about it once it started blowing up and the fans wouldn't stop with the generals.

What happened to them?
Ubi sunt, どこにいっちゃったの?

I understand

Yep now imagine it amplified and people constantly posting about it on twitter and making dumb youtube reaction videos.

Not much of a reader, are you?
Lord of the Rings was Tolkien's experience in WW1
Narnia was Lewis work wherein he was inspired by a picture of a winterland Faun with a red umbrella and a girl in coat. He turned it into a fairytale book for his daugther
Winnie the Pooh was a cartoon strip made by a father to his boy whom he wanted to expose to a world of imagination.
Lovecraft's mythos of horror and fright was taken directly from his past experiences of poverty surrounded by apathetic people and his sleep paralysis that tormented him so
And fucking Kafka created a labyrinthine tales inspired by his years of experience as a nameless bureaucrat who did nothing all his life but sort out papers in a bullshit government system

>Oh but these genuises made a VN out of a single page.
Shut the fuck and and read books. REAL books

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Why did you abandon us?

Seeing what happened with yuri girl in it it was rather hate for females.
No wonder /u/ loaths Yas Forums homophobic side.

It was ridiculously popular 10 fucking years ago

Transposing firsthand experiences into enjoyable stories is a fine skill and all, but you have to admit the KS devs wrote a decently grounded niche school setting through the magic of the internet. (Talking about the character arcs is an entirely different topic, thus not relevant in my post.)

Just shut it. Your inexperience with literature is unsightly