New episode today!

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Very cute

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Who's the girl with the hood?

Apprentice Necromancer

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That was very gay. I like it.

Cute, but not devi-cute.

I am liking this way more than I should. That loli better get some porn.

NotLuna and her tomodachi.

Man this show fell off hard after the first couple episodes. No one's watching anymore.

>Brilliant Fairy
>5pp card
>thought it was a tempo stuff like Cynthia because of the cost
>it ends up being another 'give fairy Storm' finisher
>that pp cheats too because forest
At least it's consistent with the class identity. Fuck Amataz

and KMR wanted to make it 2 cours instead of PriCunny
what a big mistake

KMR was expecting to face a full power YuGiOh anime season with its 20th anniversary. Konami folded hard.

Yet said season is kicking Shadowverse's ass in nico ratings.


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It's 4 cours

oh nonononono shadobabros...

Cute and funny intro!

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This was the best episode so far

Are there panties in this?

>the way she smugly slides that thing in

It doesn't pp cheat, Did you even watch the episode?
>Fanfare: Give +1/+1 to another allied follower. Then give +1/+0 to all allied Fairies if at least 2 other cards were played this turn. Then give +1/+0 and Storm to all allied Fairies if at least 4 other cards were played this turn.

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I wondering if Alice have same voice actress as Luna.

She does

Everyone can see her panties from behind

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more like flattest


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>5 cost plus 4 fairies plus circle plus guidance
>forgot it was basically turn 8-9
Yeah, sorry. I don't think I had any game go past that in a long time without being tilted

Who is this mysterious character?

I want to rape Mimori