ITT: casual racism

ITT: casual racism

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facts aren't racist

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Old anime could get away with casual controversial lines, violence and nudity. Do it today and the power of some sperging cucks on twitter would force the production to apologize and remove the segments from the anime.

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But Natashkas are indeed worthless whores.
I tell you that as a Russian.
I'll do you one better, they'd spread their legs for anyone with dark skin.

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>jap monkey calling anyone a gorilla

>as a Russian.
>I'll do you one better, they'd spread their legs for anyone with dark skin.
You sound more like a shitskin

Why? Russian whores love Ahmeds and Rasheeds. It's a well-known fact.

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Nobody love shitskin, fuck off mohamed


Triggered vatnik

kek, classic

At least he isn't a larping sub-human like you, go back to r/asianmasculinity

but that's not racist, it's a fact, Americans don't belong to any particular race, they're just descendants of european colonists

Кроме наташек которые считают русских унтерками, а черножопых чурок "экзотическими и интересными".
И вообще Хайль Гитлер.

>he isn't a larping sub-human like you
I'm not a vatnik though

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I'm not russian. I'm just stating the fact that nobody like shitskin.
Speak english slaveshit

>Wow, a girl with dark skin!
>Let's literally call her Black.

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Worse you're a shitskin

>I'm not russian.

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*tink tink tink*
Ahem, may I have your attention please?
Fuck niggers.

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Yeah, this bothers the fuck out me of.
Ignoring the fact that the majority of them would just be tanned Japs or Okinawans, the first choice is always nigger.
Never poos, sand people or gyppos, just niggers.

fuck off

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Unironically whiter than you pidor

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only redditors get triggered by cartoon frogs

welcome crossboarder

I declare this thread Based and Redpilled.

Western puritanism has social justice bullshit has led me to find racist fiction hilarious.

Double standard

literaly and objectively right

and social justice bulshit*

I don't think people should discuss Kingdom. It's made by ccp shills.

Only redditors post those things here, newfag.

Only redditors don't hate niggers

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