Koe de Oshigoto sequel announced

>Koe de Oshigoto sequel announced
>no one cares
WTF Yas Forums?

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Nice, I'm down to hear more sex noises.

i liked older character design a little bit more

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Kanna is cute and slutty!

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Will anyone dare post "that"?

Why should I care?
They're going to remove any sexual scene anyway.

What do you mean?

it is a common trope for S2 to be shittier than S1

More rainbow dicks or will they go full ishuzoku reviewers and show actual sex on mainstream TV?

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Retard alert.
New story and shit.

Will there be piss scenes?

dunno but author loves anal stuff
no watersports in the original

I'll buy the BD if there's nakadashi in it

That's just wonderful.

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They wouldn't need that if they had me.

It's for professional female bonding.

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She'll end up as a porn actress, right?

I want more masterpiece from the artist.

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no, but she will eventually become an analmaniac

>some generic romcom sequel announced
wow I'm so excited


She'll just find an acquaintance, like her sister. The context of this page is a long loving description of the anal sex.

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I'd love to see some CGDCT about a porn studio daily life.

L = Lewd

Needs a New Game Crossover.

Will she lose consciousness during the first night?

>madoka's mom.webm

That nobunaga descendant that revived some lolis was his right?

This sexual demon can make you cum with only her voice.

Damn, this could be great. I really liked the first one as seeing a cute girl get embarrassed and coerced into doing lewd things is fantastic.

>nobunaga descendant that revived some lolis
Doujin or commercial manga?

This one?