Blattodea/Arachnid 2, chapter 3 dump

Resuming with yet more Dino bulli

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Why is almost every male here a rapist?

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art imitates life

so this is what killing bites is

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is this what they call ntr?
thanks, i hate it

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The problem: rape
Workaround: also rape

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why boner

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being arisu is also suffering

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here's our kabuto-chan
whens scans for caterpillar

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and the turbo-dyke roach

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just how many secret bosses are going to come out of that door

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bug trivia time

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This is some O MY RUBBER NEN level shit.

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i wonder just who rescued sasori
also, kabuto's clothes should be torn by that slash she got from samurai guy

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kabuto and sasori never interacted in caterpillar but both escaped together with imomushi
its just that sasori was knocked out at the time

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kabutomushi killed yoriko, not alice
but i recall even the synopsis on the gangan joker site claims alice did it

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her monologue here is the same one from arachnid's ending

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stop jumping at people, Alice
did that EVER work?
you're not Pure

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sasori will probably just parakyze alice badly here and leave
there's a point in arachnid's epilogue where goki regrets not raping alice while "she couldn't move"

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gee i sure hope nothing bad happens to the friendly hobos

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dinopo sure got busy, huh

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i have no choice but to trust the lastest in roach-girl technology

end of chapter; next one should be the last in volume 1

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