Is it just me or does this series have really weird overtones or patental abandonment?

Is it just me or does this series have really weird overtones or patental abandonment?

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How so? Watched it as a child but I don't remember feeling that way.

Literally Snufkin, Little My and Mymble are the kids of parents who just don’t show up. Sniff is the kid of Moominpapas friends who just don’t show up anymore. Snoidmaidens dad is an absentee father professor. Only Moomin has proper patently figures

It's finnish originally. That should tell you enough.

Does it have proper subtitles?

not abandonment, just finnish

>Several generations of Mymble’s are introduced in the Moomin books. Mymbles, Little My and Snufkin are all part of the Mymble family.

>The mother of Mymble (younger), Little My and Snufkin is called Mymble (older), she is introduced in the book Moominpappa’s Memoirs. She is roundish and very happy, and she also has 34 other children than the above-mentioned.

Looks ilke you need to delve into the Extended Universe to get to the parents.

Moomins have that weird "dreamlike" feeling to it and I love it. Too bad so few things have that hazy yet comforting feeling. Somali to Mori no Kami-sama is the only other one that properly satisfies that craving.

"Like Moominpappa at Sea, the work is more somber in tone than previous books in the series, and it has been suggested that this is a direct result of the death of Jansson's mother, Signe Hammarsten-Jansson, during the year that it was written. Because of this, it has been described as being a "textbook on letting go, being a mature orphan, existing spiritually alone"[1] and features a young orphan looking for a mother as one of its primary characters. Following this work, Jansson later stated that she "couldn't go back and find that happy Moominvalley again" and so decided to stop writing the Moomin books."

I’m not saying she doesn’t exist; I’m saying her kids literally live in a tent or wort the Moomins cause raising them herself is too much hardly for her

She's a laestadian, they don't give a fuck about their kids. Any finnish person will tell you the same.

Sometimes I think about the invisible girl and tear up.

You tell me, It was written by a lesbian

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It's more of a social commentary, especially between the "better folk" and the actual down to earth citizens.
It is very clear who Tove Jansson stands with.

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Tove was a based dyke

>get beaten up in elementary school
>tell the teachers who do nothing
>get beaten up again
>tell my mom who does nothing
>they try beating me a third time
>fight back
>mom beats me when I get home to teach me not to fight with the other kids
mymble is insanely based

Isn't laestadians known as those who give a literal fuck?

>Too bad so few things have that hazy yet comforting feeling.
Didn't a lot of kids shows have that in the past?

Should have beaten up your mom.

When you've got 15 kids few can go to gods embrace early.

Seeing so many replies of this nature has made me curious. Finpill me bros

Social independence is the best way to describe it I think. Finns tend to be very solitary people, even within a core family


When you live in a country where everybody is more or less autistic about social situations you tend to create plenty of emotional barriers.

On the other hand is easy to get laid if you have even an ounce of social awareness and skills

ha ha yeah...

>70% of those lays are cider-whales or whitetrash
Yeah I'll keep wanking to 2D, thanks

Kemono no Souja Erin has a somewhat "different world" type feeling. Not exactly the same but it's like a children's show with a little more to it.

Just don't read up on what happens in the novels after you finish the anime.

Mongolia and Kazakhstan both got the best flags.

Imagine not having standards

Those two words don't fit together. That said, she was a based dyke.

You have to consider that
>the first book was written as a response to WW2, a time when many children were indeed orphans
>many side characters are based on real life adults (often friends and lovers of the author) and thus they live rather independent lives (as one would expect of an adult)
>Jansson felt isolated by her fame and this is why many of the later books deal with themes of isolation

>Nursing home it is then, you old hag

>Well, are you hungry or not?
>*text* Hard as Life