ITT: edgiest manga you've ever read

ITT: edgiest manga you've ever read

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one piece

how is this manga edgy? author run out of ideas so he drew a sex scene and the ending made zero sense.


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concrete high school girl murder
anything by Jiro Matsumoto

Kokou no Hito


What the fuck,Himizu was kino.
Congrats retard you didnt get it.
How,the author even changed the ending to make it bitter sweet,the real Buntarou died on a mountain.
Come on now,Dorohedoro may be violent but its wholesome as fuck.
>anything by Jiro Matsumoto
So is this the shounen kids discover seinen thread?FUck off faggots.,

How does one get filtered by a coming of age story as straightforward as Himizu?
>Guy glorifies being normal and aloof, claiming superiority over his detachment
>Kills dad, tries to redeem self but realizes he's a psycho failure like his parents
>Gf tells him he doesn't have to throw himself away over that.
>Unable to believe that, he an heros

Elfen Lied
Enjoying Parallel Paradise for its stupidity at the moment

That I finished -- Narutaru
That I dropped -- Fire Punch

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Not any of those guys, but

>Kokou no Hito
A lot of the trust-nobody angst drama in the middle with the friend and girl characters suddenly becoming prostitutes and swindlers after the timeskip and robbing MC and stuff and that one girl from his work who was fucking the manager or whatever felt pretty cheap to me. That's pretty mild as far as edge goes, though.

>>Jiro Matsumoto
I'm willing to bet that if you explained to Matsumoto what "edgy" meant and asked if it described his stuff, he would agree without hesitation that people bleeding out during sex and filming pornos of themselves getting fucked by pigs and shit is pretty damn edgy. And he loves it.

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Lots of stuff can be described as "edgy" just because it has a lil bit o' the ultra violence or sumthing bu Jiro Matsumoto isn't especially edgy and usually his violence and sex serves a purpose beyond shock.
Someone like Suehiro Maruo is edgier than anything mentioned so far.

I appreciate your efforts to get people to read Jiro Matsumoto, but he isn't exactly edgy.

i am i was just making a joke. Cause you see it's about a guy climbing on mountains, and mountains have edges.

A+ for affort, user.

Himizu is a better Oyasumi Punpun.

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I'm just fucking annoyed by these retarded faces. Nobody talks like this.

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and what's the point of this story? imagine writing a whole manga about a guy finding out rain is wet. wow, so interesting, much plot/

Thanks for this, looks like shit which is my jam.

you sound like a teenager

>looks like shit which is my jam
At least you're honest.


Actually the protagonist thinks like a teenager - because he is, therefore perfect self-instert for angsty 15 year olds.

>Actually the protagonist thinks like a teenager - because he is
Did you think you were making some great point here?
Of course you self insert... people of low intelligence always feel the need to self insert...

I'm not involved in your discussion either way, but it's only low IQ brown people who throw ellipses in their written language.
It doesn't mean what you think it means.

sad but true

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>Did you think you were making some great point here?
>Of course you self insert... people of low intelligence always feel the need to self insert...
I agree, that's why I didn't even tried, despite that was the author's intention.

Considering that Punpun is pretty bad it's not exactly a great achievement

Where's her pussy?

she left it at home. it happens sometimes.

First page is the main character scissoring with another girl

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>that was the author's intention
Not at all, you're just a moron that feels the need to always self insert.


That’s not edgy

Murcielago's super edgy.



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