Ichikawa getting his pelvis broken by Yamada when?

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new translated chapter out, please dump

Lewd Yama.

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>last panel

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>Ichikawa getting his cute asshole broken by Yamada when?

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This girl is gonna succ him dry sooner than we thought

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Where do I get my own Ichikawa to molest in a broad daylight?

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Is she gonna eat his mouth after this?

>fu--n(smug laugh)
>let me see
>agaaaaaagaaaaaann (some what like a inner scream)
>You're right, even though we had PE today, I can't tell
>sniff sniff sniff sniff

What chapter was this?

What are the chances this will be remade into an anime?

Hopefully none.

Just a preview from the author's twitter.

there's a Live action movie already planned but it's really creepy

Praying for 0% chance, knock on wood.

just a twitter extra

page 1

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page 2

last page is

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Pretty high, japs like it.

Are you afraid that the adaptation will be terrible?

All adaptations are terrible and so are the people they attract. Nothing good will come from an anime adaptation.

Oh shit that's recent as fuck.

>just as planned

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I hope it gets an anime and I hope it blows the fuck up to the point where we have at least five threads about it at any given moment, just because fuck you.

If this manga is adapted by SHAFT, it might have the potential to make my dick explode, unless they destroy the body proportions of the characters. At the end, that is all we want from anime, right?

>I knew it
>huff, huff, huff,
>something smells nice
>this girl too?
>something tasty
>I might be in trouble if I misunderstand her
>something like that
>I accidentally used my sister's shampoo
>That house might be having curry today, right? (she's talking about the tasty smell MC might be smelling)

why is that woman molesting the little boy

Oh cool, a thread for a chapter drop for once.

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It suddenly smells like a girl

Into the trash it goes

Yes, I too, want these threads to turn into a cesspool like the rest of the shitty generals this board has.

It'll be shat on and forgotten once they announce it's a 3D anime.

Mistranslated. You’re right.