Is there a term for girls in the 13-15 age range?

Is there a term for girls in the 13-15 age range?
like Kirino, Megumin, Sagiri, etc.

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JC now fuck off

alright thanks bye

sagiri is 12

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I remembered wrong but i was more asking about the body type since she isn't really loli and looks like the others im talking about

go jerk off to kids shitting their diapers or something


Would you mind posting more Sagiri just to make sure she is indeed 12?

Yes: old hag.

who gives a shit

Nobody wants to see unsexy girls like that.

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Not him but here you go

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You're right she has too much clothes on, never mind then

Looks 13. Maybe 12 years and 9 months at the youngest.


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No butt

She's like 12

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0 - 5 Toddler
5 - 14 Loli
14 - 18 Teen
18 - xx Woman
This will never change but you can continue to shitpost all you want.

That didn't stop Sagiri and Mikan


Those two are special.

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When did 13 not become a teen? Not to mention loli is a very out of place word there.


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Things are how they are, if you want to come up with your own rules suit yourself.

What OP likes are loliteens.

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>juu ichi
>juu ni
>juu san
>juu yon
I'm just amazed for your mental gymnastics here, you sir are a good shitposter.

Try pre teen or I don't know, little girl. Loli is a physique, and won't always apply within the age range, especially when it goes all the way up to fucking 14.

only on Yas Forums

Yes, “13–15 year old girl”.

Things are how they are dude, you can try all you want but that's it, I guess replying now is kinda pointless, suit yourself.