Going to marathon Kaiji S1+S2 starting this Thursday. How should I prepare?

Going to marathon Kaiji S1+S2 starting this Thursday. How should I prepare?

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Make sure you don't suffer from anxiety

I’ve seen it before, m8. Just want to rewatch it.

Put yourself in debt

Get a bag of peanuts and a maximum of three beers and ration them throughout the whole marathon.

This is anime about shogi right ??
Should i understand the basics first ?

No, it has a few different games in it.

>three beers
>for 2 seasons

Kaiji was a bad enough motherfucker to do it, are you?

Kaiji didn’t sit around watching some guy gamble for like a day.

No, he worked his ass off not drinking too many beers.

Because he had something to do.

As do you.

Such as?

Marathoning Kaiji, obviously.

make sure to drink plenty of coffee
it's not about shogi, it features several games with rules that are extensively explained in the show itself

I was thinking about 1 beer per episode.

If that's how you want to go, then go for it.
Sounds like a good time.
Watch out you don't drink too much, one beer every twenty two minutes is a lot.

Just disable the volume of your headphones/speakers, you'll save your ears from screams. And the soundtrack is pretty forgettable too, except for the 1st opening and the second ending.

>And the soundtrack is pretty forgettable too

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Don’t make me take out the belt.

So where do you guys watch kaiji because outside of piracy all i can find is old dvd sets

I use my media player, you dumb nigger.

I-I surely didn’t download them illegally. Haha...

Watch the live action
Much better

Are you serious?

A-user... you didnt really?

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prepare yourself to be disappointed, this circlejerked overhyped piece of shit is one of the worst i ever seen

I’ve seen it years before, you nigger.

The second ending is the worst song to come out of Kaiji.

If you know the basics of rock paper scissor, you're fine.

then why do you want to watch it again? if your taste really this low? are you really this pathetic?

It's not. It's very stupid and childish, I find it fits the show pretty well.

Yes, Kaiji is one of my all time favourites.

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I remember when we marathoned it with Yas Forums, one of my best memories from here.

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name a good anime

cope kaiji is one of the worst overrated trash i seen

>can't name one

Then enlighten us with your superb taste so there is hope for us.

that scene made me really thirsty for a cold one

Akagi is better

stop replying to bait user

this is obvious