To Love-Ru Discussion / Analysis

Which feet would you lick and why?

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Secret third option:
Delicious imouto soles

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Also consider:
Sweaty and tasty Darkness toes

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I like chocolate so Nemesis.

Bonus pic:
Cute and funny slut refining the sexiest part of her body

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I love mikan!


The answer is never not mikan.

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Fuck feet, pits is where it's at.

Nemesis forever

Mikan is cute!!
And so are her feet!!

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Neme-chan feet are really cute as well!!

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create sentient weapons, make them look like little girls, starting to think the developers were lolicons

Actually Neme-chan got her looks after seeing loli Yami. The devs weren't to blame this time.

Both are great, no need to argue!

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Post more so I can jack off to your posts and the feet.

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Here you go~
This series as a whole is a goldmine of great feet

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Nice, why did you delete your other post, though?
Please post more feet for me to fap to.

Continuation when? They can even have Mikan bond with Nemesis if Yabuki wants a Magical Girl spin-off.

>why did you delete your other post
I forgot to put the spoiler tag on the pic

>post more feet
Have some Sairenji soles!

Wait, I'm retarded and forgot the pic
Here you go lol

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Those some pretty well drawn soles and feet.
Would you be so kinda as to post a few more so I can cum appreciate them, thanks.

More Sairenji!!

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Some Momo too!

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And now back to Sairenji-chan!!

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More pages from this great chapter~

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I pray for the day some angel comes down from heaven to translate the good scans. And also make them easily available.