Mugi or Umaru -Chan? Thoughts?

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i'd fuck both at the same time

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Mugi is for loving, ritsu is for calling over at 3am for rough unlubed anal rape. All keions are valuable for different things.

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Mugi fucks niggers

>Posting THAT pic
She deserves a rope.

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>Only 17
Does she even lift?

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Mugi my blonde trophy wife

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Umaru-chan as in the hamster?
What do they have even remotely in common?

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i want to marry her and pamper her like a lady she deserves

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I think Sylphyn would be a more appropriate comparison to Mugi.

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Ah the inventor of 9GAG and top reditor of 2001

Well I hate K-On, but Kirie-chan is my wife, so...

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