Am I the only one who wants to watch Bakarina doing her business?

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>no eyes
Is she gonna NTR somebody?

Going to the toilet?


this is how alan sees her

What if she asks everyone in her harem to collect up their shit so she can use it to fertilise her garden? Wouldn't that be funny lol

A sex doll?

George is constantly on the verge of being cucked.

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What's this talk about fertilizers? The mansions in the series all have restrooms.

You can't have enough fertilizer user. I expect Bakarina to ninja-scoop it out of night bowls in the dorms.

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Only because I'm curious how those old dresses work. I doubt they come off quickly.

Is she a slut for wanting to be railed by her husbando?

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Even the manure is sparkly in otoge worlds, it seems

So when you use ntr as a verb, do you mean to take someone, to have someone be taken from you or to be taken?

Is this yuri?

Who's this?
MC is densesexual.

>Likes gardening
>Often shitting herself because she's always eating
It's just a logical conclusion to her character traits

What's this Bakarina? Gonna shit? Gonna shit your pants maybe?
Maybe shit and shit more?

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To take someone. In ntr, it's the faceless bastards who steal the girl away from some cuck

I want to drink Lolirina's tea.

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This is from where?

Calm down Mary, you don't need to go this far

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>small medium large

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YuriCHADs we are going to win this

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Anal queen

The biggest wins of course

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Last version I saw didn't have Keith's noose or Alan's NTR-fueled ejaculation.

She's just bakasexual.

>that confident boobgrab

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>a good service, but small and overlooked
>the industry standard, beloved despite barely functioning at times
>likes to flaunt massive assets, slightly desperate for attention

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>Anne sleeping together with Catarina

was it anal

Night soil has health hazards

Have you ever grabbed someone's boob without confidence? Oh wait-

I hope so

After paying for it yes.

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I only know about steam and have no idea what these other zoomer things are.

The post-coital smoking is what really sells that picture.

poor keith

I hope she gets a really haughty ojou-sama voice

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>used to be a womanizing lothario type, now he's an ineffectual beta punching-bag, often mistaken for a homosexual
The things Bakarina does to people is scary.

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he's just raped by his maids now
I bet they couldn't handle him being such a cutiepie growing up

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