God damn

God damn

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le puck impact

>Broken boned and mutilated Rem crawling towards Subaru, collapsing into his arms

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is this dark souls 3?

dark souls 3 invented snowy castles

I know.

european gothic Duomo-like snowy castles

It's quite literally a Dark Souls 3 edit though

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>Subaru was isekaid to Dark Souls 3 before it came out
Would he have done better if he’d been able to play it first?

He shoulda read the ign strategy guide going in

He accidentally made a miracle build
His character is fucked until he respecs

Gotta be fast roll Quality for Dark Souls.

The view looks amazing ngl.

is this the dark souls of anime?

>Keep fucking dying until you find a way to cheese.
Sounds about right.

Will dsfartnuts fuck off back to their domain > fucking piece of shit


Subaru is the worst protagonist that the anime industry ever created


Season 2 never ever

Not so bad, but is shit compared to Kazuma

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>s2 delayed

this show is a solid 6/10

dark souls sucks >>

Re:Tarded show made for edgelord teenagers

holy fuck
go back already


Yeah, he'd just run past every enemy and summon overleveled characters to beat bosses.

Easily the most pretentious scene I have ever seen in anime. It was so cheesy it made me laugh.

That word doesn't mean what you think it does

Easily the most pretentious post I have ever seen in Yas Forums. It was so cheesy it made me laugh.