How high is too high?

How high is too high?

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There's no such thing as "too high"

No such thing. As long as they don't use heels over than 11cm.

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high is for kids, men preffer low.

150 cm is optimal
170 cm is maximum.

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167cm isn't high

At a minimum to the top of the hip and maximum on top of the belly button. Sauce on that girl? I typed in her name with leotard and got a Japanese girl instead

"high" not "tall"

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Wait, you guys are talking about the height and not the leotard?

no you are correct

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did I say tall? you retarded fuck?

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non native english speakers get out


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I'm I know that we're talking about the leotard you mongoloid

This is now short girl thread.

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Tall girls also welcome.

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They are not. Make your own thread for your degeneracy.

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It's from a new doujin.
PM'ed you the link.

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good one retard

Come on, user, don't be so aggressive.
Can't we just be friends?

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I can't be friend with someone who wants his women to look like men.

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It's from a doujin.
I swear.
Google the kanji.

t. insecure manlet

Good thing I like both short and tall girls, today I am in the mood for tall girls, so I get to enjoy both.
Could it be that you are not tall enough so you choose to like shorter girls more?

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That must be painful looking.

Thread ruined by esls who didn't realize that OP was talking about the high cut of the leotard not the girl's height

>this girl is taller than you
hahaha kill me

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sauce pl0x

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Thanks. This image has lead me to the source of the leotard.

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