Ghost in shell

Its probably awful isn't it?

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Art is terrible. Writing is ok.

What in the fuck

what in the fuck...

The webms from this show have been some of the funniest shit I've seen in weeks.

are their SFM/MMD/Blender/etc porn already? Major's design is pretty hot.

is this a joke?

I used to think people like Ghost in the Shell for it's sci fi elements and good writing.
Guess they just want pretty pictures.

The joke is seeing how far people would go to defend it.
>It's supposed to look pretty absurd within the context
>And the show itself is really decent when you allow yourself to enjoy it
>You will get used to it
>Visuals is secondary to the story they're trying to tell anyway

Everything GiTS has written about sci-fi and soul and all that shit has been written about somewhere else, better.

it looks like one of those absurd joke cgis japanese people make because they are bored.


gits is just a blatant rip off bladerunner.

>Writing is ok.
no its not

Do you want Evangelion with Ilya's approach?

Stop being so insecure

There hasn't been a worthwhile Ghost in the Shell since Stand Alone Complex (2D) ended.


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>sci fi elements
And what do you think the scifi elements are from if not the visual?

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Why would you shoot at his feet?

they wanted to bring him alive

There’s no need for more GiTS adaptations at this point.
>waaaah waaaah finally he got banned

Found the whiny indonesian poster here.

>3 IPs
>Retard bait question followed by the same le wacky webm


This thread is made by an indonesian weeb who can only cry about his 2d waifu being cgi’ed by an outsourced animator.

>3 IPs
Uh. The second number is images bro.

This is from the show? I thought it was from a game.

Looks like a hardcore Barbie movie.