Friendly reminder that this...

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Appears in the same show than this

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>Frontier 21
Fuck this episode was actually kind of decent.
Good team interaction and introspection. Decent cinematography.
Sure all five of them job but that's pretty par for the course with this series.

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Yeah, they keep jobbing to Duskmon for a looong while. Then Duskmon joins the team and becomes useless.

Well it is the fabled episode 21 of a Digimon season.

endgame right here

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How many times must Yas Forums be told?!

Mimi is only for Mimi.

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Friendly reminder that
For me, it's Ruki Makino. The absolute best Digimon girl and also the strongest and prettiest of them all. All hail to the Digimon Queen!

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Didn't she get her shit kicked in by some kid from a Wonderswan game in a children's card game?

You mean that chad, digiworld sole survivor aka Digimon King? Yes

22 is the last decent Frontier episode, it gets much worse afterwards when you realize none of the characters are going to develop any further

You're boring. Same goes for the guy who posts about Mimi all the time.

Also fuck the fujos and digifuckers as well while we are at it.

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They're probably friends on Discord by now
Make them fuck each other. Set both groups straight through vanilla dickings

Appmon going full fujo was a shame.

Implying I care. I only visit those threads often just to post this or to break the Mimifag illusion. My job here is done.

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Honestly I was so checked out by the end that I didn't even care when it happenend.
I only thought it was funny that they made the MC so openly gay, despite the fact that they aimed for an even younger audience then usual.
Which is honestly a shame since the show did have some decent ideas, but it never really explored them or developed them all that wel.

But you clearly do care. Otherwise you wouldn't post it in every fucking thread. There's more to Digimon than the girl you want to fuck.

I thought the last boss encounter was done pretty well.

Implying I care about that you find me boring, smartass. There's is, indeed, but I just don't want to discuss about. Also I don't want to fuck her. I just find her cute, that's all.

It had some net ideas like I really liked that moment when leviathan started absorbing the screams of the people he was absorbing became progressively more disorted and digitized.
But other than that I wasn't super into it.

22 is also really good, it tries to be the same as Adventure's 21 in terms of what it does.

Okay, okay, I just finished Frontier tonight. And I have to say, it was actually a lot better than I was expecting. Of course I have complaints.
>Vritramon and Garummon become irrelevant when Aldamon and Beowolfmon appear
>We never get RhinoKabuterimon, JetSilphymon, Daipenmon, or Raihimon
>Aldamon and Beowolfmon become irrelevant when KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon appear
>Blitzmon, Bolgmon, Fairimon, Shutumon, Chackmon, Blizzarmon, Lowemon, and KaiserLeomon also become irrelevant
>Duskmon/Lowemon and Velgmon are treated as incredibly powerful at first, but become completely unnotable after their first appearance
>KaiserLeomon gets used maybe 3 times and Koichi doesn't even have an evolution sequence for it
>KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon job for over 10 episodes and it's incredibly frustrating
>The IceDevimon episode is awful in every single way
>Sephirotmon kind of drags with certain spheres

This series is not just fighting. There were a lot of really good episodes following Cherubimon, like the Village of Beginnings, the other children with Angemon, all the returning characters and locations, the moon episode, the last few episodes, etc. It was also fascinating seeing what happened with the Digital World, and the ending pulled at my heartstrings. I also like how they made an effort to keep using all their spirits outside of the fights with the Royal Knights, like using Vritramon to pull the rocket through or Garummon to drive along the rails. They definitely put a lot of effort into combination attacks as well.

>Implying I care about that you find me boring, smartass
You keep replying. You clearly do.

>There's is, indeed, but I just don't want to discuss about.
So your only purpose in Digimon threads is to be a waifufag.

>Also I don't want to fuck her. I just find her cute, that's all.
Sure you don't user.

>>Vritramon and Garummon become irrelevant when Aldamon and Beowolfmon appear
>>Aldamon and Beowolfmon become irrelevant when KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon appear
That's pretty par for the course I mean it's not as if metalgreymon was relevant once taichi got wargreymon.

>So your only purpose in Digimon threads is to be a waifufag.

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Also episodes 27, 28, and 30 are really good.

Episode 46 had an amazing moment where Izumi silently rejects Junpei for Takuya, and it's done so subtly and through body language that only Junpei picks up on it.

Audio WebM + Dialog (since I haven't figured out how to hardsub for WebMs)
Junpei: Izumi-chan, let's check the inner rooms!
Tomoki: So I get the basement?
Izumi: Then... I'll search the basement, so Tomoki and Junpei can take the inner rooms.
Takuya: Okay, let's do it.
Tomoki: Sorry you're stuck with me.
Junpei: Oh, I don't mind at all!


Sucks that a gary stu got introduced for the sole purpose of fucking her

I don't see a problem. He is a good and based character.

He's a shit character and had no reason to exist

He makes plebs and furries seethe and that's the main reason he is based

Frontier did Fatoshi years before Franxx did it.

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It's a fucking shame Frontier's Digital World was wasted on such a shit story.

Part of the problem for me that Frontier faces specifically is that it doesn't seem to have the concept of "levels". Nowhere does it say Child, Adult, Perfect, or Ultimate. Agnimon defeats a Cerberumon (Perfect) easily in episode 1 and struggles along with the entire group against a single Golemon (Adult) in a later episode. Seraphimon (Ultimate) is defeated easily by four Human Spirits which should be on the level of Adults. Duskmon is treated as being on par with the Double Spirits.

Patamon hatches from the egg, not Poyomon or Tokomon. Plotmon and Lopmon hatch from the later eggs, though at least you see the silhouettes of YukimiBotamon and Chocomon. But the second stage babies are always grouped with the first stage. You also never see the Human Spirit "evolve up" into a Beast Spirit, even though Beast Spirits are for all intents and purposes the Perfect stage. It's always Slide Evolution. Even in the movie, Darcmon is technically an Adult stage and Hippogriffomon is a Perfect stage, but they use Slide Evolution.

Aldamon and Beowolfmon are treated as the best of both worlds because they combine both traits. Meanwhile Junpei will primarily use Blitzmon because it's easier to maneuver than Bolgmon, so even the Humans Spirits have their advantages. In terms of fighting though, KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon prevent the other kids from joining, and they constantly lose.

Apart from the fighting, what issues did you have? I thought that the story, while fairly basic, managed to have strong characters.

The episode where Takuya goes to the real world and comes back with newfound confidence completely falls apart because they don't follow it up and completely botch the execution.
You'd think after finding newfound confidence, purpose and simply knowing that going through all of this is necessary, Takuya would change/grow as a character.

That really doesn't happen. Instead he goes back to the digital world, the writers pull out 'he is one with the elements now', which wasn't a thing before and isn't a thing afterwards to give him a strength boost, instead of letting his changed personality give him the tools or drive to acquire more power.

22 is a good episode by itself, and utterly ruined by the fact that the writers absolutely suck and didn't know what the fuck to do with Takuya

>I thought that the story, while fairly basic, managed to have strong characters.
That was my main issue. Frontier's cast are complete nothings to me.

Bear in mind this was nearly a decade ago so maybe I need to watch it again, but I didn't connect with Frontier's characters at all. It's bizarre because it's the only Digimon season (apart from Appmon which I dropped after 10 episodes) where I've had no opinion on the cast either positively or negatively. They were just there.

Bokomon and Neamon were fucking irritants and should have never been part of the group. If only the Spirits spoke from the D-Scanners throughout instead of only being in episode fucking 50, we wouldn't need those two retards.