>Allowed her future husband to see her disgustingly OP status
Why did it feel so lewd and incredibly romantic?

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piss off, and take your shitty general with you

Why are his eyes always squinting? What is he planning.

shitty general, take your piss and off with you

He's planning to utilize the power of gacha, to make absurd amounts of money off of people that lack willpower.

Fuck yeah, new arc!

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He's planning on making her his wife no matter what.

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>sick mom names you "Gamuz"

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This is your heroine for today, say something nice about her

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I'm not sure how to feel about his sister. On one hand I get it he was a leech, but on the other hand he saved her life twice now. But she's still a bit of a cunt.

White pride worldwide

Made for ryona.

what was that manga again where the villainess is actually poor as shit and everyone thought she was bullshitting


Local villainess not so tough after being kidnapped

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>villainess kidnaps the heroine (and the prince) to level her up

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Reminds me a little of a particular backstabbing cunt.

You mean pic related? Unlike this backstabbing cunt, the Heroine in is a good girl and become friends with the villainess

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Is there anyone in that dork's story other than her that is any good?

>Mia dies as a 20 year old and is reborn as a 13 year old
>Starts seducing 13 year olds
Is this /ss/?

I got TRAIN'D, ha ha, time to isekai--- oh wait

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She bumbles her way into being a groomer.

>don't notice how much fucking padding WN novels do when you're doing multi-hundred chapter binges
>get up to current release and realize you need to wait an entire day for each chapter of nothing happening

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>Really want to see when CatCat will finally progress romantically
>I'm going to be reading an update about potatoes a week for months
I hate it.

>author at home due to corona
>has lots of time to write now
>will start posting 2 chapters at the time

Blessed be corona-chan.

Reiko AKA the girl living in a house with no proper lock, that has no flowing water, no electricity and no heating.

That's better than waiting months for an author to write another chapter

Literal villaness mannerisms, just fucking give her drill hairs and ohohoho, and stop calling her a heroine

It's absolute dread when I catch up to the translation of a cultivation novel and know it will be at least another 3000 chapters for the next arc or end.

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Oh wow, I didn't even realise she didn't have drills.

Mia's outstanding ability will be used as the template for the future of shota grooming AIs.

She can go for even younger ones

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That plot twist was retarded and too forced

Is this... Double /ss/?

Dorkness is many things, but well written she is not.

Wait, she doesn’t have drills. I thought she did before the other guy made me double check. What the fuck? Did the ohoho create them in ours minds

Holy shit she really doesn't have drills.