ITT: kino anime tropes

>mostly female cast
>none of them is a lesbian

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>all female cast
>all of them are lesbians

Watching Gundam Seed while listening to music from Macross

Yeah clearly


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>fandom: "not if I have anything to say about it"

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>none of them is a lesbian

Not picture related I guess

pic related

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>1 male MC, every other character is female
>no harem

This doesnt exist

WHAT!? they're ALL gay!

>1 female MC, every other character is male
>no harem

It's a harem at the end, just not for the male MC.

Only Ange was bi.
And that other boring girl who was into villain asshole was straight.
I'm more mad that they made the whole dragon race world and basically discarded it immediately for some cheap fanservice situations cause dragon VA was too expensive to use her.

>the strongest guy in the villain's team has a change of heart right in the middle of the plot
>starts wrecking fucking everything

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>mostly female cast
>literally every single female in that world is a lesbian
Now that's kino

get the fuck out of here you hetshitter

>MC is considered weak or dumb
>scenes portray otherwise
>no one notices until MC dabs on everyone

We don't cotton to sexual freaks around these parts, you better make split before I put you into a world of hurt

>has the coolest looking hair
>is the strongest in the series


>>none of them is a lesbian
There is nothing wrong with being a lesbian if you are cool

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>Character who don't give a fuck about anything is the strongest
>Comic relief is the strongest

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>op will never be this straight

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