Mewkledreamy, Prichan, Aipare and other coronaed shows for little girls

Do you miss Yummers yet?

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aipare sucks

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I'll be up again in 6 hours. Someone will have to bump the thread in my place until then.

Yes ;_;

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I miss the other Yummers' Yummy Tummy.

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I don't get it

>Prichan is Coronoed
>Mewkledreamy is Coronaed
>Garugaku is Coronaed
>Aipare just gets Youtube shorts
>Cocotama just gets Youtube shorts
What's even left now?

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Kamen Rider
Your backlog

New Zealand Simulator 2018

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I love you!!

Honk told me Nico has a girlfriend

I am Nico's girlfriend.

I tried to make an S4 Kirara but she has too many accessories making up her hair that there wasn't enough room for the accessories that complete the S4 uniform. So here's the S4 Miku I made instead. She has an interest in media arts and cosplay, so I could see her moving into the acting business if she went to Yotsuboshi.

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It's Nozomi?

hello Maki

You should really mod your game ainon, even if it’s just for the unlimited accesories.

Now that you mention the S4, I should reaally stop putting off remaking it into something that actually looks like it should, like I did for the regular/sports uniforms...

The last time I had the mods folder fully populated one of them fucked with the tie physics and made them clip through the shirt and I couldn't adjust the tie in any way that made it not do that. I took out all the obvious mods but none of them were it, and it wouldn't go away until I emptied the mods folder and only readded the necessary mods for the existing characters. Since dressing all my favourite girls up like this is half of the fun of the game, having their ties not work correctly wasn't really something I could accept.

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Is it just for your wakaba/centaur cards, or for every one? I’m thinking there’s some king of conflict with your environment, otherwise more people would be complaining about it...

Most people's cards probably use the regular ties which essentially function as part of the base shirt model, whereas mine use the tie accessory which is separate and has its own physics. The stanard tie doesn't clip at all, just the accessory one.

I should really back up my install folder and download the newest release which for all I know might not even still do it, but I haven't found the motivation to try and get the translator and all the extra shit set up again.

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Speaking of Kamen Rider, I finished rewatching Ryuki a few days ago. Now that was a good show.


Metalcluster Loolo


This triggers Mio.

I want to die

I want to watch an ainon die.

Reminder that Toei has made a Youtube channel full of officially English subbed show, mostly live action (with a couple anime series thrown in). Not much Kamen Rider (only Shin), but quite a lot of Sentai and Metal Heroes:

Oh awesome, I been wanting to watch some. They even got Keiketsu Zubat.

>not available in your country

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Zubat isn't available for you? Some dudes have made a list of what's available where, and Zubat isn't listed as unavailable anywhere. It's mostly Sentai that has availability problems, plus Metal Heroes in burgerstan:

But just use the regular video tag, it'll only show videos you can watch: