Why does Yas Forums hate Monogatari so much?

Why does Yas Forums hate Monogatari so much?

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I don't know about Yas Forums but personally, I like it a lot. I finished it last week.

>Yas Forums
>liking something
that aside, i am watching it right now (just finished Otori) and it's amazing

boomer anime

>Yas Forums
>one person
I love Monogatari.

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Yas Forums loves Monogatari. There's threads about it everyday.
If Yas Forums hates anything about it, it's the fact we all hate eachother for having shit taste in waifus but waifufaggotry is inherent to every show as long as it has two females in it.

i'm not Yas Forums but i dislike it becaue its pretenious. a lot of style and very little substance behind it.


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This is a Shinobu thread now

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all style no substance

I can't wait till the madoka gacha game get the gatari collab in NA

i got snake and snail in JP in na maybe ill go for cat

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Yas Forums doesn't hate Monogatari, it hates the people who like it.

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Good first season but it never goes anywhere and never ends. Kamiya and Saito are great the whole time though

I found it very boring but also unbearable mainly because 8 years of watching ecchi shit gave me brain damage and now I can't stomach it

Oh!Great is insane

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I don't hate it at all, I think it's actually entertaining from an anthropological point of view. I watched Monogatari Second Season some days ago, after a long hiatus from Nekomonogatari. I'm looking forward to watching the entire series, following the airing chronological order. I ended Hanamonogatari last night.

I think the supernatural stuff is interesting but don’t like the main character or Senjougahara.

love her design in the manga

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I like it at first, then Kaiki happened. All the fateful encounter that Araragi faced feels like he's been given too much of goodness, too much of a goodness that I can relate any of my empathy watching him.
It's also a wake up call to me that because of that, I can never stand any harem or romcom like nisekoi, 5toubun and everything as such.

It was all thanks to Kaiki for ruining everything to me.

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Teenobu soon

because it became increasingly leddit-core.


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Zoomers think it’s pretentious. They can’t handle character driven anime.

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Because it is all style and zero substance

Hanekawa overstayed her welcome and has been a psycho bitch ever since her story arc got resolved.

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No she had the opposite problem and became less of a psycho bitch and consequently much more boring.

Its been years since I watched nise, should I start from s1 to refresh my memory or just move on to s2.
There's also nekomonogatari black, should I watch that too?

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Anime? cause thats overrated by retards not accepting thats its mostly a waifu shit with mostly forced fanservice
Novels? because Yas Forums cant fucking read, despite it being much better that shafts dying work

I wouldn't say there's 0 substance, but it is overly indulgent. And if you don't like what Nisioisin fucks with, monogatari loses a ton of appeal.

anything with good animation is praised as amazing and deep. monogatari however is 99% fanservice. the plot is dull and takes forever to go anywhere. kaiki is the only barely interesting character and he barely shows up for most of the series. every single monogatari thread is just "PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS CHILD" or similar retardation. no one ever discusses something other than which girl makes their peepee hard, and the reason is simple. there's nothing to fucking discuss.

Madogatari was a shitty zero-effort collab and its possible that EN doesn't get it.

Even if EN does get it the best girl is a welfare anyway

>Good Animation
It's literally powerpoint slideshows
But other than that, yes, that's exactly why I hate this series, it's dumb shit for people who want to sperg out over waifus while still pretending to be smart for watching something deep.