Shirou, why haven't you made dinner yet?

Shirou, why haven't you made dinner yet?

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Why don't you order some pizza if you're such a fucking pig, you fat bitch.

What would being stuck in the quarantine with Saber be like

It was your stupid son's turn to do it

copious amounts of threesomes with saber and her bisexual friend

Your Roman version is better

Crucify umufags

sex with saber in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation

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n*ro please go

Only good if she's adult version. She'd still eat a lot but we'd use instacart. I'd wanna set up a tent and camp with her and snuggle up with her hairy armpits.

Sex with saber's soles.

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Cope Blumu

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literally who

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But Iri is married.

Dinner has been delayed due to concerns regarding covid-19

Amazing, she's quiet and well mannered. We would spar and make food and then have sweet passionate mana transfers afterward.

I'd hide the key to the stock pile of food in a very safe place though...

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>It puts the stir fry in the pan, or else it gets the hose again.

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Your retard umushit's anime was a flop.

Nero is for the blacks

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What good is a King that is sick in bed?

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Honestly, the fact that Shirou even makes it to the other side of the world in the True End is the one thing that bothers me that we never get an expansion on.
Like how the fuck did he get there. He's not dead, since that's not the Throne of Heroes. Did he leave his physical body behind? How is he surviving the crushing mana of Avalon? Did he dig a hole from Britain and work his way down? Does he need to maintain his existence via sustenance and sleep while on the Reverse side of the world?

>tfw no breadwinner husband(female) king(female)

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I don't think it's ever explicitly been said how Shirou enters Avalon, but personally i guess it's thanks to Merlin that Shirou/Saber could meet each other again and the "Saber must wait continuously and Shirou must come for her relentlessly" thing.
Also actually, there's a direct physical path leads to the inner sea of the planet (see Merlin's NP line) under the Clock Tower, but it already got blocked by the dragon.

So Shirou just gave the diggy dragon the ol' slip past as he walked down? Because that sounds like that's exactly how that would have had to go.

Pretty sure most of what you have a problem with can be explained by: "it's Merlin magic I don't gotta explain shit". He was there in Avalon with her or something.

While I appreciate the logic, I refuse to accept it. Just because you're correct doesn't mean you're right.



Its magic my little nigga, logic doesn't matter. Merlin lives eternity in Avalon watching Saber and Shirou fuck like animals forever just awkwardly standing by.

dinner is served at 2 am after most of the vodka has been consumed
it's shitty frozen food heated in the toaster oven
I hope you don't mind seiba

>So Shirou just gave the diggy dragon the ol' slip past as he walked down?
I doubt that's the case, since Last Episode mentioned nothing about that. Like the other user said, the reasons are just Merlin GG + Shirou/Saber's love and wait for each other and you aren't supposed to think much about it.

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the magazine features that bonus illust hasn't even been released yet user...

still probably tastier than the shit she ate in fucking 500 AD Briton

Delete this shit right now.

I prefer saber (lancer(negro)).

You should look up medieval food. They did some wild shit, if you could afford it. Like candy houses, making food look like other types of food, fresh af, too. Plus, it was healthier. So, no, I doubt that.